You Live in Poplar Ridge…You can Enjoy the Autumn Leaves because You Never Have to Rake Them

Part 1 of 3

With all of the trees we have in Poplar Ridge Apartments, you only have to walk out your door to enjoy the fall’s big color show this year.  But, if you itching to get on the road, and do some hard core leaf peeping, we have a few suggestions for you.

I know, the Midwest isn’t known for scenery.  We don’t have mountains, or nearby pristing beaches, but we do have trees, if you know where to find them.

Some of the best color viewing in the U.S. occurs five hours due north of us in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   When you cross the 8 mile, 500 foot high suspension bridge, you’ll know you’ve arrived in the UP.  But before you cross the bridge, take a few hours to visit Mackinac Island.  The bridge doesn’t take you to the island, you have to get there by boat.  And you can’t bring your car, because motor vehicles aren’t allowed on the island.  You’ll get cell service there, but why would you want to.  Turn off technology, rent a bike, and enjoy autumn at it’s finest on Mackinac Island,  Michigan.

If you don’t want to go quite that far, head to Traverse City instead.  Take Michigan State Road 72 West to Michigan 22, and turn right.  You’re now on one of America’s fabled fall highways, M22.  Not only will you enjoy great color, you can also stop at Sleeping Bear Dunes and catch some late season rays.  This is a great road to enjoy almost any time of the year.

As the fall season progresses, peak color moves from Michigan southward, and yes, there are some great places to see the color in Indiana.  We’ll talk about a few of them in our next installment.

To be Continued

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