You Don’t Have to go too far to Enjoy the Fall’s Color Show

Last of 3 part series

In the first two parts of our posts about fall foliage trips you can easily make from your home at Poplar Ridge Apartments, we talked about places several hours away, such as Northern Michigan or Brown County, Indiana.  How about a few nearby excursions that won’t take all of your gas or all of your weekend?

There are two local routes I always enjoy during the fall.  Both follow rivers, where you’re most likely to find trees than in open farmland.  The first leads Southwest along the Wabash River.  Head out of Poplar Ridge, turn right on Gump, then left on Illinois and take I-69 Southbound.  Take the West Jefferson US 24 exit. It’s Exit 302, but might still be marked as 102.  Go all the way to Huntington.  Just past some stores and car dealers, you’ll go down a long steep hill, and come to a traffic signal where US24 makes a right turn, and State Road 9 goes straight ahead.  Stay on State Road 9, go over the Wabash River Bridge, and turn right just after the bridge on to River Road.  River road is a winding two land road that follows the Wabash through some scenic country until you get to Andrews, IN.  From there, you can loop back by going north over the Wabash, and then East on US 24.

Another enjoyable local route is State Road One from Fort Wayne to St Joe Indiana.  Again, from Poplar Ridge, head out on to I-69, but go Northbound this time.  Get off on State Road One, and turn right. The bonus on this drive is the covered bridge in Spencerville.  It’s not well marked but not hard to find.  When you come into Spencerville, the road makes a big wide left turn.  Watch for the street signs along the right side of State Road One.  Turn Right on Mill St, and follow that through a local neighborhood, and then across the covered bridge.  Once over the bridge, turn right and you can loop back to State Road One, and get a great view of the bridge at the same time.  Continue on  State Road One to St. Joe.    Here, the road turns into just another country lane, but if you want to follow it just a little longer, you’ll pass the Sechlar Pickle Factory.  Tours are given during business hours Monday through Friday, and on Saturday Mornings.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the fall foliage without driving anywhere, just stroll through lovely wooded Poplar Ridge Apartments.

And, if you have any favorite places to view the fall foliage, feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

And remember, while you are enjoying looking at the leaves, home owners will be raking them.  Just another reason to love living at Poplar Ridge Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN.


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