Top 5 Apartment Cleaning Tips You Need to Know About

apartment cleaning

Remember your first apartment? Are you living in it now? If nobody told you about apartment cleaning, consider this your lucky day.

New apartments are exciting, no matter your age. They’re also a responsibility–even after that fun, “new” feeling goes away. As a renter, it’s your responsibility to keep your space clean. (As a human being, it’s just hygienic.) There’s no getting around it–you live there.

No doubt you created a list before your move. It’s full of essentials like toilet paper, soap, and food. But chances are you’re forgetting a whole other type of essentials. And without realizing it, you might make apartment cleaning much hard than it needs to be.

What You Didn’t Know About Proper Apartment Cleaning

You may know some basics about how to clean. We’re going to expand on that with some apartment-cleaning specifics. Here are the top five things you need to know about apartment cleaning, straight from the experts.

Buy Apartment Friendly Supplies

Not all vacuums are created equal. You will need basic cleaning supplies for your apartment. But there are some variations and add-ons that will make your cleaning experience much easier. Here are some examples:

  • A canister vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to push a standup vacuum around your crowded space. Use an adjustable hose to reach all corners of the room.
  • Washable rags. You have a lot of surface space–more than you think. You can avoid using hundreds of wet wipes trying to clean them. Just keep some paper towels for backup.
  • Magic Eraser. This treasure vanquishes tile and bathroom grit. It’s cheap but indispensable.
  • Air Duster. You’ve got crevices in your apartment and all of your devices. A cheap air duster will save you the pain of trying to scrub in there.

Clean the High Traffic Areas Daily

How much time do you spend in the bathroom or kitchen sink? What goes into them every day? It may seem unnecessary. But clean the sinks every day and you’ll see why it’s important.

Ever cleaned out your remote controls or keyboards? If you’re like most people, you never think to do it. You’ll be surprised what’s in there. Use your air duster to clear out the gunk every day.

Countertops. Any surface you use on a daily basis should be wiped down every day. It takes five minutes. And you might be surprised what builds up over time.

Put Stuff in the Laundry, where it Belongs

There are some often-neglected items in your apartment that can be washed as often as your clothes. Anything made of cloth is eligible. For example:

  • Towels
  • Blankets, sheets, and comforters
  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Napkins and placemats
  • Oven mitts

Clean Those Areas You Never, Ever Think to Clean

Still have those rags? Pair them with your air duster and an all-purpose cleaner. These are the ones you really need to remember:

  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Tops of bookshelves and other furniture
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Knobs and switches
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Baseboards and windowsills

Divide and Conquer

Finally, put that roommate to work! If you live with someone else, divide up the responsibilities. There are a few ways you can break it down:

  • Each does the tasks he or she hates least
  • Split responsibilities and focus on your own
  • Set up a schedule–run apartment cleaning like clockwork
  • Argue about who did what last. (well, except for this one.)

Get Started

Getting started with your next apartment can be stressful. Contact Polar Ridge Apartments and we’ll support you in your next big move!

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