Time to Get Spooky: Best Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Apartment

With spooky movies, tricks, and treats galore, Halloween makes for an exciting time of year. While this Halloween may look a little different due to Covid-19 restrictions, you don’t have to miss out on the fun.

One of the best ways to get in the mood this year is to decorate your apartment. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can celebrate the season without the spooky prices. 

Read on for the top tips and advice for how to deck out your apartment on a budget this Halloween season. 

1. Hanging Cobwebs

With October in full swing, the ghosts, goblins, and spooky spiders are out to play. To get that Halloween vibe in your apartment, hanging cobwebs make for beautiful, eerie decorations. 

While hanging cobwebs are easy to find at your local Halloween store, they’re also cheap and often come in large amounts. You may consider searching at your nearest dollar store, party supply shop, or Spirit Halloween for these decorations. Anywhere with costumes and party supplies should have plenty to choose from. 

Hanging cobweb decorations are often no more than a few dollars and can come in yards of supply. Drape your cobwebs above the door frames, in the window sills, and on picture frames for an authentic Halloweentown feel.

2. DIY Bats and Spiders

When decorating your apartment, DIY projects can make for the most unique and stunning decor. As a perfect companion to your cobwebs, DIY bats and spiders are some of the most fun Halloween decorations. All you’ll need for these decorations is black construction paper, scissors, and tape or tacks to hang them on the wall. 

On your black construction paper, use a pencil to sketch out small to medium sizes of spiders and bats. You can find many templates online to print out and copy. After you’ve sketched your creepy critters, cut them out with scissors and tape or tack them to your wall. 

These DIY bats and spiders look best spread out across a wall or near windows. Not only do these decorations look professional, but they also come at little to no cost.

3. Festive Lighting

To create a haunting vibe in your apartment without breaking the bank, using festive lighting can do the trick. With string lights, colorful bulbs, or jack-o-lantern candles, your space can be haunting and beautiful. 

For a few dollars, hanging string lights are one of the top Halloween decorations for apartments. Consider draping string lights from the ceiling, around a window, or above your bed. 

You may also change out your light bulbs for temporary festive color. With many different colors for festive light bulbs, you may consider choosing orange, green, purple, or even black. 

Finally, jack-o-lantern candles are spooky and beautiful ways to set the mood in your apartment. These unique candles are a Halloween staple and can cost no more than a few dollars. 

Celebrate With Cheap Halloween Decorations This Season

While you may be confined to your apartment this season, decorating can bring all the Halloween fun to you. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can get your creep on without breaking the bank. 

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