There’s Plenty of Great Fall Color in Indiana, if You Know Where to Look

part 2 of 3

The state tree of Indiana is not corn, but rather the Tulip Tree.  Tulip Trees can be found in almost all parts of the Hoosier state, and this fall, you’ll notice them by their bright golden leaves.  You might think that corn would be the state tree, except there really are a lot more trees in Indiana than you might think.  You just have to go find them.

The mother-lode of trees in Indiana can be found in Brown County, south of Indianapolis, near Bloomington.  Driving through Brown County will make you believe you have magically left the Hoosier state and maybe transported to Tennessee or Virginia.  Brown County is a national destination for fall color lovers, but there are some state parks worth visiting in the fall that may be less crowded.   Two of the best are Turkey Run State Park, about 65 miles west of Indianapolis, and Clifty Falls Sate Park in Madison.  Another way to enjoy an autumn day is to take a walk through any of the Hoosier state’s major colleges, such as Notre Dame in South Bend, Purdue in West Lafayette, and IU in Bloomington.  And don’t forget the closest college to Poplar Ridge Apartments, the University of St. Francis just a few miles away.

And, speaking of nearby foliage excursions, we’ll have some ideas for those next week in the final part of our three part series




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