Studio Apartment Living: How to Add Privacy in a Studio

Studio Apartment Living

Congratulations on moving into your new studio apartment! Maybe you decided to downsize. Or, you’re moving out for the very first time. Either way, this is a big milestone and studio apartment living is a great, affordable option.

Studio apartments also give you more financial independence as you free up your pocket strings with this living choice. But, as you open the door to your studio apartment, you notice the lack of privacy. How are you supposed to have a living room, bedroom, and kitchen… all in the same room?

The good news is, we have some solutions for you! Read on to learn how you can make your studio apartment more private.

1. It’s All About Your Furniture Arrangement

Have a large bookcase? What about an armoire? Large pieces of furniture such as these can serve more than one function. For one, they can do what they were made to do. A bookshelf can hold books. An armoire can house your clothes.

However, they can also act as makeshift walls. For example, according to SF Gate, a table that holds your TV can be positioned in front of your bed. This way, the TV and table hide your bedroom. So, when friends come over to watch a movie, your bedroom is partially out of sight.

The same thing works with an armoire or bookcase.

Accessorize Your Furniture Divider

Of course, bookcases don’t have to only hold books. Why not go for a more personal touch, and line it with potted plants instead? In fact, potted plants have two benefits. One, you get more privacy. And two, according to Psychology Today, there’s a host of positive benefits associated with plants, including less stress, greater concentration, and better well-being.

2. Consider Room Dividers

Room dividers can be anything from curtains to folding screens. You can easily position a folding screen a couple feet from your kitchen table. This goes well if you have smaller furniture items in front of it. That way, it gives a smoother transition between rooms.

3. Add Some Style to Studio Apartment Living

Room dividers don’t have to be boring. Make them stylish by putting up a beaded curtain. Or, tie-dying the fabric divider. You can even secure some slabs of wood between rooms. This would be a great addition to an industrial styled studio room.

4. It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Go to garage sales, and search through eBay for inexpensive room dividers. You can also refurbish furniture your neighbors are replacing.

The Room Dividers Can Be Anything

Throw a fresh coat of paint on some old window shutters. And hang them between rooms in your studio apartment for a vintage look. Also, a couple old doors secured together can make an affordable and stylish divider option.

Final Thoughts

No matter what room divider you decide to use, you’re maximizing your studio apartment living. For more apartment living tips, subscribe to our blog!

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