A Renter’s Guide to Getting Along with Your Neighbors

In today’s world, 36% of households rent their place rather than owning it. That’s the highest percentage the US has seen since 1965. Think about the wide array of people in that 36%: everyone from singles in their early 20s to families and empty-nesters. There’s no limit to the types of people you may have as neighbors while you’re renting an apartment.

With so many different types of people in such close quarters, it’s important to keep the peace. From people who have been in your shoes, here’s a renter’s guide to getting along with your neighbors.

A Renter’s Guide to Getting Along With Your Neighbors

Having a peaceful rental community isn’t a given. Here are some ways you can help:

Introduce Yourself Early

When you first move in, bring some treats to your neighbors and introduce yourself. They’ll be less likely to have a conflict with you if they know you personally. It’s also a good idea to give them your contact information. This way, if you’re being loud late at night, they can text you instead of getting up and knocking on your door.

Deal With a Problem Before it Escalates

A sure way to turn a small problem into a bigger one is to avoid it. If your neighbor has a habit of playing loud music late at night, mention it to them after the first few times it happens. Don’t wait until months later when they’re wondering why it hasn’t been an issue before.

Think About How Your Actions Affect Them

Part of living in an apartment community is being aware that your actions affect your neighbors. Common courtesy can go a long way. For instance, tell them in advance if you’re throwing an apartment party. And, recognize that having a dirty apartment could bring bugs to their home as well.

Don’t Treat the Leasing Staff Like a Referee

If you want to upset your neighbor quickly, complain to the leasing staff before you try to settle the problem with them. No one wants to get a reputation as a “problem tenant.” Chances are that they didn’t even know they were bothering you and that they’d be happy to help if they know about the problem.

Approach Them When You’re Calm

If you have an issue with your neighbor, don’t bring it up to them in the heat of the moment. Take time to cool off and come to them a few hours later or the next day. Explain the problem and come to them with a mutual solution to propose.

Don’t Assume You Need to Be Best Friends With Your Neighbors

Getting along with your neighbors doesn’t mean being their best friend. In fact, 40% of people say they actively avoid their neighbors.

If you enjoy each other’s company, it’s great to socialize with your neighbors. If not, don’t force it. Respect their space and their privacy. A cordial greeting when you pass each other may be all you need to have a peaceful community.

Choosing a Community Where You Feel at Home

Getting along with your neighbors is an important part of making your apartment comfortable. The renter’s guide above can help you create a peaceful environment for yourself and your neighbors.

If you’re still searching for the apartment community you can call “home,” contact us today!

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