What To Put On Your New Year’s Resolutions List for Your Apartment

new years resolution

It’s that time of year again when the slate is wiped clean and we get to start anew. “This year is going to be different.” You know you’ve said that before, but this time you really mean it. Why not begin 2018 with the New Year’s resolution of improving your living space?

By upgrading the look and the feel of your apartment, you’re preparing yourself for the coming changes and growth of the coming seasons.

In this post, we’ll break some of the latest interior design trends. Apply them to your apartment and scratch at least one New Year’s resolution from your list!


Your Apartment New Years Resolution List

Bold Colors

Bold colors have come back in a big way. Interior designers are no longer shying away from bold and eye-popping colors.

Vibrant hues are now being used to create color schemes and to make accents more apparent. Try using different color combinations until you find the color scheme that best suits your tastes.

Geometric Patterns

The human brain is wired for pattern recognition, so why not sprinkle a few geometric patterns around? Mandalas and sacred geometry have entered into the mainstream and finding interior decorating items with such patterns are easier than ever before. Combine these patterns with a couple bold colors to compliment each other!

Earth Tones

Bold colors and intricate designs aren’t for everybody. If you like to keep things quiet, try going with this color scheme. Earth tones consist primarily of subdued gray, brown, yellow, tan, and blue. To create a warmer feel, go with the brighter colors. To create a cooler atmosphere, stick with varying shades of gray and blue.

Earth tones are also ideal for creating more space in smaller apartments.

Adding Life

To really spice up your apartment, consider bringing the outside in. Put your green thumb to work and bring in a collection of houseplants. The colors complement almost any color scheme, and you can even pick and choose plants to suit your personal style. Furthermore, house plants help keep the inside air clean.

Get Weird

If all else fails, let go of any preconceived notions of what makes an attractive apartment and go nuts! Try different color combinations. Lay down that rug nobody else wants. Pick up those knick-knacks that are more creepy than cool.

There’s no right way to decorate an apartment. Let your living space reflect who you are!

Accomplishing Your New Years Resolution

Getting the right look for your new apartment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. All it takes is some creativity. If you’re working on a budget, try shopping around at used stores. You can often find high-quality decorations for cheap!

Use these tips to help make your new years resolution of having an updated apartment a reality!

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