Poplar Ridge Apartment Residents Win in January!

Residents win at Poplar Ridge Apartments

Residents win at Poplar Ridge Apartments in Fort Wayne

It’s official:  it’s a new year, the holidays are over, and it’s time to face the world without tinsel and presents. Or is it? We are still happily in the giving spirit here at Poplar Ridge Apartments, and that’s why we’re playing Bingo with our residents all month long! We’ve already passed out Bingo cards to everyone, so keep checking back on our blog or on our Facebook page for the daily winning numbers.

10 Single Winners, 1 Cover All winner


We will draw numbers on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this week and Monday – Friday next week. We will post them over on our Facebook page, this blog, and the front office door. Ten single winners will receive a $10 Meijer gift card and one Cover All winner will receive a $25 Meijer gift card! If there happens to be more than one Cover All or more than 10 single winners, we will have a quick drawing to select the final winner.

The Bingo numbers that have been drawn so far:

Mon. (1.12.15): B3, B7, B14, I19, N36, I20, I25
Tues. (1.13.15): N40, N43, G58, G56, O64, O70
Thurs. (1.15.15): B8, I22, I27, N31, N44, G50, O62, O72
Fri. (1.16.15): B2, B4, I29, I28, N34, N41, G48, G57
Mon. (1.19.15): B1, B10, I21, N39, G52, G60, O65, O69
Tues. (1.20.15): B11, I18, N37, N42, G49, G53, O67, O73
Wed (1.21.15): B5, B6, I30, N35, G51, G59, O61, O68
Thurs. (1.22.15): B13, B15, I26, I23, N32, G46, G54, O63
Fri. (1.23.15): Check back soon!

Remember to check back with us every day for the latest numbers!

If You Live in the Fort Wayne Area & You’re Not a Poplar Ridge Apartments Resident

This game is exclusive to the residents of Poplar Ridge Apartment in Fort Wayne, IN. Check out our floor plans or get in touch with us to learn more about becoming part of our community.

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