3 Benefits of Renting an Apartment You Probably Never Thought About

Are you thinking about making your next move? COVID or not, the data shows plenty of Americans are moving. 

One of the biggest questions people face is whether or not now is the right time to rent our buy. Before homeownership was seen as the path the wealth and stability, but thanks to a fluctuating market some people are wondering if it’s worth investing in something else. 

The benefits of renting can’t be ignored if you’re thinking about moving. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should buy or rent, read this post about the benefits of renting an apartment or home before you make your decision. 

1. Worry-Free Repairs 

Homes and apartments are in a constant state of needing maintenance. Appliances can break, pipes can leak, and holes in the wall need to be patched. 

If you own a home you’re on the hook for everything related to repairs including roofs, furnaces, and windows. Aside from having to find an expert you can trust to handle the job, you’ll also have to worry about the cost of the repairs and arranging when work can be done.

When you rent an apartment, all of those headaches are handled for you with ease. You never have to worry about where you’ll get the money to pay for the repair because your apartment community will take care of it for you. Onsite maintenance crews are available to take care of any problem that may arise in your apartment with no out-of-pocket cost to you!

2. Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits and downsides of owning a home comes down to mobility. Buying a home lets you plant some roots and focus on growing a family and life in one area. The downside of that is being stuck trying to sell your home if things change.

You could find the love of your life across the country. There may be a dream job opportunity that could require that you move out of state. Your great aunt or other family members may need someone to care for them in old age. Life can happen at any time and being tied to a mortgage can make it more difficult to deal with changes.

The beauty of renting is that you can pick up and leave at almost any time. Even the most expensive early termination of lease costs aren’t anywhere close to the financial headache of trying to sell a home. 

3. Fewer Long-Term Worries 

Does the thought of the property you’re living in losing its value keep you up at night? Are you concerned about how upcoming elections could raise your taxes? Do you worry about the neighborhood overall losing its value?

If you were a homeowner you’d probably answer yes to all of those questions. Luckily, most renters will never have to worry about those issues. 

Remember, homeownership is seen as an investment. That means constantly worrying about its value and what you can do to add to it. When you’re a renter your only concern is making your monthly rent payments. 

Discover the Benefits of Renting 

There are some people that find homeownership appealing, but the benefits of renting can’t be denied. When you have unparalleled flexibility, the privilege to not worry about repairs, and less to worry about in the long term there are so many reasons to rent instead of own. 

Are you ready to enjoy the carefree life of a renter? Whether you want to know about Fort Wayne or are ready to put down a deposit on a unit today, we’re ready to help. Be sure to contact us with any questions or needs you may have. 

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Time to Get Spooky: Best Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Apartment

With spooky movies, tricks, and treats galore, Halloween makes for an exciting time of year. While this Halloween may look a little different due to Covid-19 restrictions, you don’t have to miss out on the fun.

One of the best ways to get in the mood this year is to decorate your apartment. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can celebrate the season without the spooky prices. 

Read on for the top tips and advice for how to deck out your apartment on a budget this Halloween season. 

1. Hanging Cobwebs

With October in full swing, the ghosts, goblins, and spooky spiders are out to play. To get that Halloween vibe in your apartment, hanging cobwebs make for beautiful, eerie decorations. 

While hanging cobwebs are easy to find at your local Halloween store, they’re also cheap and often come in large amounts. You may consider searching at your nearest dollar store, party supply shop, or Spirit Halloween for these decorations. Anywhere with costumes and party supplies should have plenty to choose from. 

Hanging cobweb decorations are often no more than a few dollars and can come in yards of supply. Drape your cobwebs above the door frames, in the window sills, and on picture frames for an authentic Halloweentown feel.

2. DIY Bats and Spiders

When decorating your apartment, DIY projects can make for the most unique and stunning decor. As a perfect companion to your cobwebs, DIY bats and spiders are some of the most fun Halloween decorations. All you’ll need for these decorations is black construction paper, scissors, and tape or tacks to hang them on the wall. 

On your black construction paper, use a pencil to sketch out small to medium sizes of spiders and bats. You can find many templates online to print out and copy. After you’ve sketched your creepy critters, cut them out with scissors and tape or tack them to your wall. 

These DIY bats and spiders look best spread out across a wall or near windows. Not only do these decorations look professional, but they also come at little to no cost.

3. Festive Lighting

To create a haunting vibe in your apartment without breaking the bank, using festive lighting can do the trick. With string lights, colorful bulbs, or jack-o-lantern candles, your space can be haunting and beautiful. 

For a few dollars, hanging string lights are one of the top Halloween decorations for apartments. Consider draping string lights from the ceiling, around a window, or above your bed. 

You may also change out your light bulbs for temporary festive color. With many different colors for festive light bulbs, you may consider choosing orange, green, purple, or even black. 

Finally, jack-o-lantern candles are spooky and beautiful ways to set the mood in your apartment. These unique candles are a Halloween staple and can cost no more than a few dollars. 

Celebrate With Cheap Halloween Decorations This Season

While you may be confined to your apartment this season, decorating can bring all the Halloween fun to you. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can get your creep on without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking to move into an apartment in the Fort Wayne area, contact us to set up a tour of your new home today. 

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Prevent the Spread of COVID-19: Tips for Social Distancing in Community Apartments

COVID-19 has dictated many aspects of our personal lives and changed our daily routines. Social distancing efforts are one of the best ways to help prevent the spread and flatten the curve. In apartment communities, it’s not always clear how to uphold the practice. 

Here are some key ways to maintain social distancing protocols in your community. 

Be Careful in Common Areas 

Certain common areas can be hotspots for spreading viruses. If you plan to utilize the apartment community resources such as on-site laundry rooms, lobbies, and other high-traffic areas, be sure you’re wearing your mask. 

Everyone should maintain a distance of six feet even when you’re doing activities outside such as walking your dog or checking the mail. While transmission of the virus is not as common in the outdoors, you should still socially distance. It is common courtesy to wear a mask whenever you enter public areas. 

Limit Your Use of Apartment Facilities 

If your apartment building has a communal laundry room, you should do your best to stay away from others while washing your clothes. Arrive when it is least likely to be crowded and return to your apartment when you begin your wash and dry cycles.

Scientists aren’t certain exactly how long coronavirus can live on a surface and remain infectious. The general consensus is that COVID-19 can live on metal for 5 days, wood for 4 days, and plastics for 2 to 3 days. It could stay in the air for a few hours.

If you are worried about coming in contact with the virus via commonly touches surfaces, you can bring your own approved face mask and disinfectants. Also, be sure to wash your hands before and after coming in contact with public items.

Communicate With Your Friends and Neighbors (From a Distance) 

Social distancing has made everyone feel a little lonely. It’s only natural to want to get together with a group of friends. It can’t hurt, right? Well, it can. In fact, social gatherings, even if they are small, can cause multiple people to become infected. If you meet up with groups of people and don’t take the proper precautions such as wearing masks or meeting outside, you are increasing everyone’s risk of illness. 

Many community events are being canceled or rescheduled, but that doesn’t mean you have to withdraw from everyone. You can still connect with your friends and neighbors safely from a distance.

You should also make it a habit to check in on your friends online. By keeping up with your neighbors and friends through video calls or social media.

This Is How to Socially Distance in Community Apartments 

Social distancing should be everyone’s top priority to help flatten the curve and eliminate cases of COVID-19. To properly socially distance in community apartments, maintain a distance of six feet from others, limit your time in common areas, and interact with your neighbors online rather than in person. 

If you have any questions about what we are doing to prevent the spread in our Fort Wayne, IN apartments, contact us here

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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low During Fort Wayne’s Hot Summer: 4 Ways to Cool Off

These Fort Wayne summers can get unbearably hot.

With temperatures regularly in the mid-80s and 90s the past month, it’s become a full-time job trying to stay cool. Air conditioning helps, but running your a/c at a lower temperature all day can really affect your electricity bill.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to keep your electric bill low without heating up your apartment. Being comfortable is great, but so is saving money and if you want to have your cake and eat it too, then check out these tips to help you stay cool while keeping your electricity bill low. 

1. Blackout Blinds or Curtains

One of the reasons apartments and houses get so hot is because of our desire for as many windows as possible. They’re great during the winter, but that same sunlight is heating your place up and causing your AC unit to work harder in the summer.

When you’re wondering how to keep your electric bill low in an apartment, the first thing you can do is get some blackout blinds or curtains.

As you leave for work in the morning, pull down the blackout blinds or close the blackout curtains so the sunlight (and heat) won’t get in and you won’t come home to a scorching hot apartment.

2. Keep the Windows Open at Night

If you want to avoid using your air conditioner, you can try keeping your windows open in the evening to cool down your house. So many people just resort to turning the A/C on 24/7, but you can save a lot of money by simply opening your windows once the sun goes down and the weather cools.

A lot of people have differing opinions on whether it’s better to keep your windows open or closed when it’s hot, but it’s quite simple. If the outside temperature is cooler than your apartment, then open them.

3. Cooking in Moderation

When you’re already dealing with the summer heat’s effects on your apartment, throwing a hot oven or stove into the equation is only going to make matters worse.

Obviously, this is a lifestyle decision, but making a concerted effort to reduce the number of meals that require the oven will lower your electricity bill on multiple levels.

Instead, opt for no-cook meals that leave you feeling cooler like salads, buddha bowls, deli sandwiches, and cold soups.

4. Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans

If you’ve got ceiling fans in your apartment or house, then use them.

Most people neglect their ceiling fans because they don’t get the instant gratification that a normal fan or an AC unit provides. However, keeping your ceiling fans running is going to help circulate the air more effectively throughout the house and keep it cooler in the heat.

Now You Know How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low

Learning how to keep your electric bill low in the high temperatures isn’t easy, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to stay cool.

At Poplar Ridge Apartments, we take our tenants’ comfort very seriously, which is why we have central air in all of our units, in addition to countless other amazing amenities.

Visit our page today to download an application and learn more about what living at Poplar Ridge means for you.

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5 Ways to Decorate a Studio Apartment to Add Some Personality

Over 100 million, (or 37%) of Americans live in an apartment they rent and call home. For a variety of reasons, many people choose to rent instead of buying a home. It could be to save money or because they enjoy the lifestyle and amenities offered.

If you are living on your own, there’s little reason to get a place that’s too large. Getting a studio is perfect in size and price. Even with little space, there are still ways to decorate a studio apartment. 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to give your studio apartment some personality, keep reading to learn a few decor ideas. 

1. Create Divisions

Defining certain parts of a room goes a long way when decorating your studio. Even if you don’t have a wall, you can divide your space using what you have. You can split rooms using a combination of different themes and items like rugs, furniture, shoe rack, or shelves.  

Creating division between rooms can help separate each space into its own “room” instead of looking like one large space.

2. Lift the Area with DIY Items

There’s nothing like making a DIY item to personalize your studio and have fun in the decorating process. Whether you work great with your hands or believe you aren’t the most “crafty” person out there, there are dozens of DIY projects for small spaces

3. Organize Storage Vertically

Space is limited with most studio apartments, but that doesn’t mean you void of areas you can use as storage. Rather than organizing your things left to right, you could store items up and down.

Library shelves and entertainment centers are perfect for those who want the extra height. If you have a few pieces you want to show off, ladder shelves are a great option. 

4. Mount Items on Display

You can also add things to your walls to gain added space. If you use the right equipment, you don’t have to drill holes in the walls that would damage it. Drywall anchor studs, press-in hooks, and adhesive strips are all great methods to use. 

Go ahead and put any hobbies you enjoy on display such as an instrument, art, or anything you collect. Vintage pieces will also add personality, but anything you believe catches your eye works as decor. 

5. Use Curved or Multi-Purpose Furniture

The layout for most studios is box-shaped. You can add more dimension to the area by getting curved furniture to make the area look more spacious and attractive. Instead of trying hard to work your space around your furniture, you should buy multi-purpose furniture that works with you.

You could invest in a sofa bed and or a folding table. Multi-purpose furniture is easy to store away when not in use. Adding accents when you leave it in the open keeps personality in the room. 

Implementing the Many Ways to Decorate a Studio Apartment 

Adding personality to an apartment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are so many ways to decorate a studio apartment on any budget. If you are looking for a studio apartment to call your own in the Fort Wayne area, contact us to set up a tour.

Many of our studios and bedrooms are located in hot spots such as shopping centers, medical facilities, movie theaters, and other entertainment plazas. 

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The 5 Best Fort Wayne Restaurants Near Poplar Ridge Apartments

If you love food as much as we do, you know that Fort Wayne is home to many great national and local restaurants. And while we love the national chain restaurants, right now, due to COVID-19, our local restaurants could use a little extra love from our community.

Search “restaurants near me” and you’ll get a long list of nearby restaurants, or keep reading to discover 5 of the best Fort Wayne restaurants near Poplar Ridge Apartments.

1. Three Fires Pizza

Three Fires Pizza is an artisanal pizzeria that prides itself on the craft of good pizza. Their locally sourced ingredients support the local economy while guaranteeing freshness. Have a list of quarantine activities and don’t want to leave home? Order-in from the extensive menu.

Three Fires Pizza uses a traditional wood-firing style that imparts a signature flavor into all of their cuisines. They have pies for the whole family including mouthwatering vegan pizza options. If you’re on a plant-based diet, or a pizza diet, stop into this local hot spot.

2. Zianos Italian Eatery

The chefs at Zianos Italian Eatery pride themselves on a nonpretentious menu full of fresh, Italian-American staples. Their extensive selection hosts everything from the pasta you love to the salads you crave. Daily specials let you taste the homemade goodness for an approachable price. Also, the breadsticks are made fresh with 100% real honey.

Can you say “drool?”

Zianos offers a kid’s menu as well as whole wheat and gluten-free substitutions for pasta. Choose from any of their three locations when searching for where to eat in Fort Wayne. Their hours have adjusted for COVID-19 adding them to the list of great places to go with family while social distancing.

3. Umi

Looking for a great date night spot for dinner and drinks? Umi, located just down the street from Poplar Ridge is the perfect spot! They offer a full menu of delicious sushi rolls and Japanese dishes along with a wine and cocktail menu.

Customer favorites include the Orange Go-Go Roll. A spicy salmon roll topped with salmon, tobiko, spicy mayo, and chili oil. And the Chilakammarri Roll. An asparagus tempura roll filled with spicy ponzu, wasabi-lime, chili oil, and mangos.

For the vegetable lovers, take a look at their vegan and vegetarian options which include Vegetable Fried Rice without egg, Fried Tofu, and Seasoned Eggplant.

4. Paula’s On Main

Paula’s On Main is known for its crabcakes, fresh seafood market, and casual fine dining. They offer daily lunch and dinner features suited for anyone from the casual foodie to the most discerning palate. Pair your meal with any number of fine wines or craft beers. Menu substitutions are available for vegetarians and those with gluten allergies.

Reservations are recommended but prospective diners should call to inquire about changes in hours or service. Check out Paula’s for some of the finest Fort Wayne food.

5. Black Dog Pub

If you think that Black Dog Pub is just a bar, think again. They have a great menu full of great favorites including some of the best hand-breaded mushrooms in Fort Wayne! They also have a large selection of starters, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, main dishes, and desserts.

Dine inside, on their patio, or order to-go.

The Best Fort Wayne Restaurants for Any Palate

The best Fort Wayne restaurants accommodate any budget and any taste. Grab a to-go order for the whole family or for an intimate night with your significant other.

What’s your favorite restaurant near Poplar Ridge Apartments?

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Apartment Resident Appreciation Month

XTapartment resident appreciation month

At Montrose Square Apartments in Fort Wayne, we LOVE our residents! And while right now we have to social distance due to COVID-19, we can still be together as an apartment community … at a safe distance, of course!

Since COVID-19 threw a wrench in our usual resident appreciation events, we had to get a little creative in order to show you our appreciation while keeping all of our residents and team safe.

This year we’ll be doing things a little different and have declared the entire month of August ‘Resident Appreciation Month’!

You’ve survived what 2020 has thrown at you so far, so let’s celebrate with a 2020 Survivor Resident Appreciation Month. We’ll have games, food, lots of great prizes, and fun all month long.


All month – Bingo
8/6 – Ice Cream Truck
8/7 – Ring Toss & Bulls Eye Bean Bag Toss
8/14 – Boxed Lunch
8/20 – Cotton Candy & Sno Cones
8/26 – Pie Eating Contest, Water Balloon Toss
8/27 – Chalk Drawing Contest

To participate, please fill out the sign-up form and menu request form delivered to your apartment (or call the office), fill it out, and submit it to the office no later than Friday, July 31, 2020.

Due to social distancing requirements, we must have advanced knowledge of everyone who will be attending and which dates they are attending in order to ensure the safety of all. Only those residents who have their forms in by July 31 will be able to participate.

We can’t wait to have fun with you throughout August!

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Maximizing Summer Fun While Social Distancing in Fort Wayne

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic keep you away from summer fun. While many of our summer festivals have been canceled, there are still plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Fort Wayne, Indiana while practicing social distancing.

From the zoo to hiking trails and river rides, there’s something for everyone in Fort Wayne this summer. This is your go-to guide to safe, summer fun.

1. Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

>As of June 14th, the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory will be open for visitors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conservatory will follow social distancing at a lower capacity.

This beautiful oasis is located in the center of Fort Wayne. Take a walk through the lush tropical garden complete with a stunning waterfall. Take a slower pace and enjoy the peaceful desert garden. Visit their website for more safety and COVID-19 related updates.

2. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will be open for members on a timed schedule beginning June 14th through July 3rd. The zoo will be open to the public on July 4th.

For members, the zoo will be timing entries through July 4th to keep the zoo at half capacity. This will also allow for proper social distancing. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is made for family fun. With miles of animals and experiences, you’ll be able to safely spend time with your favorite members of the animal kingdom.

The Children’s Zoo is located within Frankie Park. In addition to the zoo, you’ll find 329 acres of playgrounds, fishing, and pavilions to enjoy with small groups.

3. Fort Wayne Parks

For outdoor lovers, Fort Wayne has acres of parks, nature preserves, and hiking trails to visit. You can enjoy hours of outdoor fun while staying away from crowds. The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department has released a helpful re-opening graph for all facilities.

You can enjoy fun on the river at Headwaters Park or smell the roses and take up fishing at Lakeside Park. Solomon Farms is a working farm that features hands-on workshops and tours.

4. Hit the Golf Course

COVID-19 restrictions have been recently modified to allow for golf courses to open for the season. Under new guidelines, you can hit the links in a more intimate environment. Crowds will be limited, and tee times will be spaced out. Proper sanitization practices are also put in place to ensure the safety of all players and staff.

Because golf is played outdoors with no more than four people, it makes for a great activity to abide by social distancing. You can get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and get some much-needed activity into your day.

5. Enjoy a Boat Ride on the River

For those looking to get out onto the water, starting June 4th, you’ll be able to set sail from Promenade Park on the Sweet Breeze. Enjoy a tour of Fort Wayne via the river, hear ancient folklore, and enjoy the perfect Fort Wayne summer day.

Check their website for COVID-19 related news and capacity limits put in place to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable ride. Boat rides take place each weekend through September.

Summer Fun Isn’t Cancelled in Fort Wayne

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, summer fun is still in full swing in Fort Wayne. There are plenty of outdoor parks and activities to keep you busy while remaining safe.

With capacity limitations and social distancing practices, you can still enjoy the zoo, the many Fort Wayne parks, and more. If you’re looking for a new apartment in the heart of Fort Wayne, check out these listings to find your next home. Explore the outdoors and enjoy your summer, the safe way.

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How Much of Your Income Should Go to Rent? A Useful Guide

Whether you’re leaving home for the first time or relocating to a new city, there is always a lot to consider when looking for a new rental. And not least of which is the question of how much of your income should go to rent. It’s a question that’s gotten trickier in recent years, as median income levels have struggled to keep pace with the cost of housing.

So before you consider details like decorating your new apartment, it’s wise to get your financial house in good order.

The 30% Rule

The 30% rule is financial gospel. It refers to the idea that you should spend, at most, 30% of your gross income on housing. It’s been a budgeting standard since 1937 and has proven to be a reliable tool in determining a sustainable amount to spend.

So, suppose you make $30,000 a year before taxes, or $2,500 a month. According to the 30% rule, your maximum housing allowance would be $750 a month. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, there is a rationale to capping your allowance at 30%.

You Don’t Want to Forget About Tangentile Costs

So again, suppose your gross pay is about $2,500 a month. But you’re a sensible sort. Surely you could chip up to half that income towards rent and still live easily enough on the remaining $1,250.

Well lifestyle preferences aside, it’s not quite that simple. For one, it doesn’t take taxes into account. Income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare all need to be paid. So that’s less about 15% of your wages, give or take.

Then you need to factor in utilities, assuming they aren’t included in the cost of renting the apartment, plus necessities like food, transportation, student loan payments, and the like. Lastly, you want to be able to set aside some money every month for savings, should you ever run into an emergency.

So crunch the number and you’ll see how quickly these expenses add up. And that’s before you set aside any personal expenses like entertainment or social activities.

Simply put, the 30% rule was conceived as a maximum cap for a reason. And even then, it’s often prudent to aim below that benchmark whenever possible.

Determining How Much of Your Income Should Go to Rent Is Essential to Being Financially Sound

Seeking out a new apartment can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to managing your finances. But figuring out how much of your income should go to rent is the first step towards establishing a sustainable future.

You want to put yourself in a situation where you’re not merely scraping by, but are able to comfortably meet your expenses while establishing a healthy savings fund for emergencies and future expenditures. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary for us to rein in our expectations.

But just because you can’t afford the living situation you had in mind doesn’t mean that you should lose heart. It is possible to live comfortably in a variety of living arrangments.

For ideas on how to live large in modest accommodations, check out our tips on learning to love a cozy apartment.

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10 Things to Do Inside Your Apartment During the COVID-19 Quarantine

things to do inside

COVID-19 has the world coming to a grinding halt.

Schools are closed, events have been canceled, and self-quarantine is recommended to flatten the curve. It doesn’t take long for boredom to set in after days at home.

If you’re looking for things to do inside while sheltering in your apartment, check out these ideas for curing cabin fever!

Teach Yourself A New Skill

Is there something you’ve always wished you could do? Now’s the time to learn! Pick up a new language with Duolingo. Learn to play the ukulele. Teach yourself to draw or knit.

There are tutorials on YouTube for anything you think of, so dream big!

Get Creative

Start a journal, create a blog, or find another way to capture your thoughts.

Feeling artistic? Download an adult coloring app or digital drawing app. You can also check with local artists to see if any are hosting online workshops.

Organize Your Living Space

There’s no better feeling than having a clean apartment. Organize your fridge, pantry, junk drawers, and closets.

Decluttering your apartment may not always seem easy, but since you’ve got time on your hands, now is a great time to start. And bonus, once you’re done organizing, you’ll have a great space to live in.

Play Some Games

There are games you can play alone, like solitaire or memory games, but if you have another person living with you, there are more options!

Get out a deck of cards for Crazy Eights, Blitz, or Rummy. Pass the time with a board game.

If you don’t have any games available, Pictionary, charades, and “Would You Rather?” don’t require any equipment.


You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to get moving. YouTube is full of free guided exercises by registered teachers.

Try yoga, pilates, Zumba, or dance. Don’t forget to wind down with some meditation!

Relax and Practice Self-Care

This could mean binging your favorite show or taking a hot bubble bath. Whatever you choose, get cozy and comfortable. After all, you have nowhere to be!

Try Out New Recipes

Your kitchen should be stocked from your pre-quarantine grocery shop, so put those ingredients to work. If you need some inspiration, check out a cookbook, Youtube, Pinterest, or Allrecipes.

Visit the Virtual World

Physical attractions may be closed, but you take virtual tours of museums, zoos, and galleries all over the world. Log on and visit the penguins at Shedd Aquarium. Explore the Vatican or NASA research centers.

Find the Kids Things to Do Inside

It can be a challenge to keep children from going stir-crazy, but there are many ways to enjoy your time together.

Have an indoor picnic or do some crafts. Make sure they’re learning with flashcards and science experiments like making elephant toothpaste.

You can even get moving with the help of GoNoodle.

Connect With Others

Social distancing doesn’t mean total isolation. Hearing someone’s voice can cheer you up, so call friends or family. Turn on your cameras for a long-distance coffee date. You can even get a group chat going through platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

This Too Shall Pass

If all else fails, you can always take a walk around the community or nearby trail to get some fresh air.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on things to do inside while you’re quarantined, you can finally find new ways to occupy your time!

To read more on apartment living and how you can make the best of every day, check out our blog!

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