Organize your fridge for healthy eating

Organize your fridge for healthy eating

It’s that time of year when most of us have abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions. We tell ourselves we’ll make changes to better ourselves, but quite often we fall short by a few weeks into the new year. Something as simple as organizing your fridge can get you back on the path of healthy eating.

You can make lasting change, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. And it all starts with your fridge. Here are a few tips to make your fridge your friend when it comes to staying true to your diet goals:

  • Get Organized. This one is fairly simple. When your fridge is in a state of disorder, it can hide or inhibit your from reaching for healthy items. An organized fridge has benefits all around. Next time a recipe calls for a few eggs you can find them right away and save time. Pro tip: It’s worth investing in plastic storage bins, which can keep items fresh and organized. No more going on a scavenger hunt to find the produce you bought last week!
  • Set yourself up for success. If you enjoy a snack, try this hack. Purchase a bin and stock it with low-calorie options, like popcorn, fresh fruit, cut veggies, etc. That way when hunger strikes you won’t be tempted to just grab whatever’s in front of you.
  • Go on a purging spree. If you really want to succeed, removing temptations is one way to go. Take an inventory of the items in your fridge, and pitch anything that might derail progress.
  • Treat yourself. Depriving yourself entirely can lead to cravings and setbacks. So, instead of going cold turkey, you might consider compromises. So, instead of buying ice cream, stock your freezer with sorbet or fruit bars, to satisfy a sweet tooth.

So, as you can see, eating healthfully requires a bit of planning. But the payoff is worth it! From all of us at Poplar Ridge Apartments, we wish you a happy and healthy new year!

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