Must Have Gadgets for you College Apartment

With Poplar Ridge Apartments close by to local colleges, we always have several college students living here.   If this is your first year living away from home, here is a list of must have gadgets for the perfect college apartment.

The first is a space-saving computer.  You must have a computer, of course, but remember, once you get all of your books home, you may not find a lot room left over for that big tower computer with the giant monitor.  Fortunately, today’s small computers, and laptops are very powerful, and can still power your games while keeping a low space profile.  A laptop can be moved around and even shared with your visiting friends or roommates.

The second gadget to consider is a central charging station for you cell phones, laptops, and tablets.  You won’t last long without recharging  your essential electronic devices, and a central station will save you room let you know quickly where your devices are hiding, and insure they are always charged.

Another great space creator for any apartment is an e-book reader.  One small reader can store tons of books you would otherwise need room to store.  It can also replace magazines and newspapers.  Skip the bulky bookshelves…get an e-reader.

While not electronic gadgets, there are two things every good college apartment should have in the kitchen, a toaster oven and a crock pot.  A toaster oven is faster and easier to use to make a frozen dinner or snack, while a crock pot is essential for making easy, healthy meals.  Put a few ingedients into the crock pot in the morning, let is slow cook all day, and have a terrific meal every night.  It won’t replace Mom’s cooking, but it’s close.

Now, you tell us.  What items do you think are essential for your college apartment?

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