Mistletoe and Jingle Bells: Spirited Christmas Decoration Ideas for Apartments

‘Tis the season to deck the halls and make your apartment shine brightly for the holidays! Moving into an apartment doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate to make it feel like your own spirited space. This holiday season, impress your guests with creative Christmas decor. The size of your place does not limit your creative license. You can choose from these numerous Christmas decoration ideas for apartments to get that Christmas feel.  

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Apartments

Deck the apartment! Keep reading to spark your Christmas creativity! 

Put up a Table Tree 

If you moved into a studio apartment, it may seem too small for a tree. Nonsense! Just buy a tree that fits the space! You can purchase tiny artificial trees that will sit right on top of an end table! Drape the table in a Christmas blanket, and stretch cotton around the tiny tree stand to make it look like snow. 

For a full effect, wrap small boxes with pretty paper and ribbon to set beneath the tree. Stores even carry miniature Christmas ornaments and lights or make your own miniature bulbs with tiny foam balls and hooks and small red bows.

Utilize Your Ceiling Space

Most people fill up their floor and walls but forget about all the space overhead. Hang some of your decorations! Put decorative mistletoe in each doorway for lots of giggles and love. Also, get crafty and make paper snowflakes to hang. If you cut fishing line at different lengths and attach ball ornaments, you will make your home into a true winter wonderland. 

Decorate Your Doors

Check out any Christmas aisle and you will most likely find cheap, plastic door covers. Some of the styles are super cute and you can choose a different one for each door. If you prefer homemade decorations, buy your favorite wrapping paper and ribbons to turn your doorways into giant presents. These provide the perfect Christmas decorations for small apartments.

Winterize Your Windows

Christmas window stickies come super cheap and allow you to show your Christmas spirit to your neighbors. Frost the glass with Epsom salt around the sticker decorations, to make it look as if Jack Frost lives nearby! 

Don’t forget about the lights. Line inside your windows with lights that match the rest of your decor. Or, if you like simple, forget all the frost and stickers, and simply place white LED candles into each window for an angelic feel.

Create a Frosty Fridge

Apply your appliances to the decor! Turn your plain white refrigerator into Frosty the Snowman using constriction paper. 

You will need:

  • 2 black circles for his eyes
  • 5 smaller black circles for his smile
  • 3 even smaller black circles for his buttons
  • 1 orange triangle for a carrot nose
  • your color choice for a scarf (wrapping paper or foil work well too)

Turn the freezer section into his face and the refrigerator section into his body. Everybody will appreciate this little addition that takes up absolutely no extra space! It’s perfect for apartment Christmas decorations.

Create a Christmas Card Wall

Use an open wall space to remind yourself of what Christmas really means. Joy, love, and togetherness make the season bright. You can simply tape all of your Christmas cards, past and present, around the space. Or, you can hang thin strands of garland with tacks on each end to hang the cards across. To hide the tacks, hang little stockings at either end of the card string. 

Bring Christmas Home with Your Decor  

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t still decorate in big ways. Use these creative, space-saving Christmas decoration ideas for apartments to bring Christmas home.  

If you’re still looking for a place to decorate, let us help! Find your perfect studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom apartment with us!

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