Let’s Settle This Right Meow: Are Cats or Dogs the Best Pets for Apartments?

For centuries, one debate has plagued mankind and ignited flame war after flame war: Which makes for the better companion, a devoted dog or a kindly kitten? Though cats and dogs are far from the only pets people own, they are the most popular. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of households own a dog while 30.4% own a cat.

And while both are wonderful in their own way, looking after a pet while living in an apartment can be a challenge. Of the two, which make for the best pets for apartments? Paws what you’re doing and read below to find out!


Sure, most cats may not be as verbose or rambunctious as their canine counterparts, but there are plenty of great reasons why cats are among the best pets for apartment residents.

Cats need little to no care from their owner aside from a few basic chores such as feeding and changing out the litter box once a week or so. As a result, cats are a wonderful choice for those looking for a low maintenance pet. Aside from feeding and cleaning, your feline friend will more or less keep to themselves.

A few minutes per day in care is all it takes to make your cat love you. Since cats are so self-reliant, they’ll take care of the rest! They’re also very quiet, so there’s little to no risk of upsetting your neighbors with a verbose animal. At worst you can expect a few meows when they need something or gentle purring when they’re snuggled up in your lap at the end of a long day.


The story of our love of dogs dates back almost 30,000 years ago when dogs became the first animal man routinely kept as a pet. Since then, we’ve never stopped loving our playful pups. But are they right for your apartment? That depends on a few factors.

Dogs are notably higher maintenance than cats. They require constant attention and aside from a few basic tasks, can’t groom themselves. Therefore, taking care of a dog can be a much more involved process.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a dog over a cat, especially if you’re seeking companionship. Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty. Once you and your pet bond, they’ll love you forever. But the benefits of dog ownership extend beyond companionship. Harvard Medical School found that dog owners tend to be less isolated, calmer, and at a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. So while you’ll have to take them out every few hours, your dog’s need to stretch their legs may save your life!

And with hundreds of breeds, you can choose the perfect dog for your apartment size.

Best Pets For Apartments: Final Tips

So which makes for the best pets for apartments? The final answer depends upon your personality type. If you’re looking for a low maintenance pet that keeps to itself, cats are the way to go. But if you’re after constant companionship — sometimes to a fault — a dog may be your best bet.

Whichever you choose, know that your small pets are always welcome at Poplar Ridge Apartments! We pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly community, no matter where you stand on the cats vs. dogs debate.

Plus, we’re not far from some of Fort Wayne’s best trails, parks, and vets!

Ready to find a great new home that you and your pet will both love? Get in touch today and see why our residents and their pets love to call Poplar Ridge home.

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