Keep It Down! 3 Tips on What to Do About Noisy Apartment Neighbors Keep It Down!

There are over 43 million rental properties in the United States alone, and it is easy to see why renters love apartments: convenience, community events, no lawn care, and more.

One thing to remember though…You will have neighbors! The sense of community is one of the pros of renting, you just need to remember how to manage quiet times! Don’t worry though, we will show you how with these simple tips.

Let’s take a look!

1. Determine the Validity

Before you get worked up and file a complaint you should ask yourself if your complaint is truly valid. You have the right to what is called quiet enjoyment. This means that you and everyone in your apartment community are entitled to live comfortably without repeated disturbances.

When you ask yourself if your frustration is legitimate consider things such as the following:

  • Is this normal noise such as opening a door or keys jingling or is this excessive
  • Has this happened on multiple occasions or is this a single event

These questions can help you decide whether or not to file a complaint. The apartment complex will generally enforce quiet enjoyment by stating quiet hours for the community such as quiet time between 7 p.m-7 a.m. so if noise is excessive during that time it could be cause for a complaint.

2. Document the Noise

Noises like children stomping around or slamming doors can be frustrating, however, a simple conversation with your neighbors could help bring awareness to the noise. With that being said, there are some noise-related situations that you might not want to approach.

If you hear your neighbors being excessively loud regularly you should keep track of when it is happening. For example, you could write down something like this:

  • Yelling and arguing on Saturday the 3rd between 1:30 a.m to 2:45 p.m
  • Blaring music on Thursday the 10th between 10 p.m and 12:30 a.m

Keeping documents of the disturbances will help your landlord or property manager access the situation appropriately. If the noise is happening repeatedly in a short amount of time you should notify the property manager as soon as possible.

3. Consider Soundproofing

When you are living in an apartment there is going to be the occasional sounds of noise from the neighbors. With that being said, there are ways that you can be proactive in managing noise with your neighbor.

To absorb some of the noise hang some wall decorations or tapestries on your wall leading to your neighbor’s apartment. You’ll get a beautiful apartment and you’ll help quiet some of the excess noise.

Another option is a white noise machine. These machines cancel outside noise to create a more peaceful environment. At nighttime, you might consider earplugs while you sleep to prevent being woken up by a noisy neighbor.

Noisy Apartment Neighbors

At the end of the day, the pros of apartment living outweigh the cons! Managing your noisy apartment neighbors doesn’t have to be challenging.

If you are looking for the apartment of your dreams we can help you find it! Our trained staff is ready and waiting to help you discover our community. Visit us today to learn more!

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