How to find free moving boxes

Top places to find free moving boxes

free moving boxesSo, you’re getting ready to make the move to Poplar Ridge Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving in from out of town, or just across town, you’ve got the same problem. You have to move all of your stuff somehow, and just throwing it all in the back seat or trunk of the car isn’t going to cut it.

You need boxes. You need lot’s of boxes!

You don’t need them forever, just long enough to load your stuff, and transport it to your new Poplar Ridge Apartment. So, why should you have to buy a box that you only need for a few days? And who wants to spend all that cash on boxes anyway, not when people throw away tons of boxes every day that would work perfectly fine for your move?

Having moved a few times, trust me, getting rid of boxes is just as annoying as finding them. So somewhere near you is a person with a room full of empty moving boxes he would love to get rid of. So what does he do? He puts them up on Craigslist. Sure, Craigslist can often attract some strange users, but remember, there’s no money being exchanged here, just free moving boxes. Freecycle is another site similar to Craigslist.

The problem you’ll have on Craigslist is that by the time you contact the post about the free moving boxes, someone will have already taken them. So you need some other sources. What about local stores? Merchendise comes in boxes, the boxes aren’t needed and are tossed out, right? Well, sort of. I remember many years ago just going behind stores and checking around near the dumpsters and finding all kinds of great boxes. Then, alone came something called a box cutter, and all I could find were a lot of pieces of cardboard that used to be great boxes, but were now all cut up.

The answer to this is to get to the store manager before they cut up the boxes. Some managers might be happy to help you, others just don’t care, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. The best stores to check are liquor stores, book stores and grocery stores. Another great moving box is the one McDonalds uses to deliver French fries to their stores. Since the fries are delivered frozen, the box is basically clean when you get it, Another store that gets good boxes is Starbucks, but they only get shipments once or twice a week.

Another great resources is social media! Post on facebook that your looking for free moving boxes. One of your friends may have just purchased a new computer or other large item and has a few boxes to give. Or, they may know someone who has recently moved and has some boxes they need to get rid of!

I’ve purchased a lot of moving boxes from U-Haul. Now I discover they have a free box exchange on their website. On a recent check, I didn’t find boxes available in the Fort Wayne area, but you just never know. You can also post that you need boxes, as well as that you have boxes you want to get rid of.

The fact is, free boxes abound in our world, so there’s no need to waste money on buying them. Use those dollars instead to fix up your new Poplar Ridge Apartment. And after you move in, pass those empty boxes on to someone else.

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