Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

hosting thanksgiving

What You Need to Know about Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

If you are hosting your first Thanksgiving at your Poplar Ridge Apartment and want to make sure it’s a success, here are some practical ideas that will help you ensure your Thanksgiving party is filled with good fun, great food, and even better memories!

Use this checklist to make sure that you are prepared to throw a great Thanksgiving dinner party right in your apartment!

  • First and foremost, get a head count of how many people will be attending. Make sure you have an adequate number of chairs and places for people to sit. Also, determine how many places to set at the table. If necessary, create a kid’s table for any children you will be expecting.
  • Count your dinner plates, dessert plates, salad bowls, glasses, and silverware to make sure you have enough to accommodate everyone on the guest list. If you don’t there is nothing wrong with buying disposable! Plus, it will save you a lot of cleanup time!
  • Food – Make sure you have planned enough food for the dinner. You know your family and circle of friend’s best to determine how much each person typically eats.
  • Coat rack – Have a place for your guests to put their coats. This could be a portable rack, some cleared out space in the coat closet, or have them put their coats on the bed in one of the bedrooms.
  • Activities – Have some activities planned for the group, such as card games or board games – especially if you will be expecting children.
  • Decorations – Decorations can add a fun, festive touch to the party. If space is limited in your apartment, avoid using large decorations and centerpieces for the table.
  • Check the TV schedules – Some of your guests may want to watch the big game or the parade. Plan the dinner around those events if possible. By planning in advance, your guests will be more inclined to interact with the group during dinner or afterwards -without major interruptions.
  • In order to avoid confusion, make sure that your guests know exactly where you live.

By taking some time to plan ahead for the big day, you will be able to enjoy the holiday with your friends and family while creating lasting memories. From all of us at Poplar Ridge Apartments in Fort Wayne, have a great Thanksgiving!

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