Halloween is Just around the Corner – Literally

Have you Put off Preparing your Apartment for Halloween?

Halloween in Fort Wayne

If you’re like me, you’ve been so busy, that you haven’t had much time to even think about Halloween! Unfortunately, Halloween has crept up on us once again. I haven’t found a costume, watched a scary movie, or even carved a single pumpkin! Luckily, at Poplar Ridge Apartments,you won’t have to go far to find some great decorations, costumes, and everything you may need to get you in the Halloween spirit!

Getting your Apartment ready for Halloween

Poplar Ridge Apartments is within walking distance of Meijer. Not only can you pick up some groceries, but this year, Meijer has greatly increased its costume collection for people and pets. They’ve also increased décor items and accessories, so you can get your apartment in the holiday spirit without having to travel very far to do it.

Fresh Fall Treats

In addition to living next door to Meijer, at Poplar Ridge, you’re not too far from Walmart, and dozens of other stores you like to shop at every day. If you’re feeling hungry, just head over to The Fresh Market for fresh tastes of the season, like Apple Cider, pumpkins, and other fall treats. Fall food can add both the look and smell of the season to your apartment.

This Halloween, if you’ve been putting off getting in the holiday spirit, it’s not too late to decorate your Poplar Ridge Apartment with accessories, costumed characters and fall foods all to be found within a mile or so of your front door.

From all of us at Poplar Ridge Apartments, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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