Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning [Checklist]

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Now Is the Best Time to Start Spring Cleaning

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow, which means Spring is closer than we think! Although we’ve had a mild Winter here in Fort Wayne, the cold weather has had us cooped up in our apartments for too long. Take this time to get your apartment in order so you’re ready to enjoy the warm weather when it comes around.

Here’s a checklist to get you started with your Spring Cleaning:

checkbox bullet Watch for hard to reach and often overlooked places while dusting. Ceiling fans, the tops of cabinets and shelves with books or electronics are all easily missed. You’ll be amazed (and maybe slightly disgusted) by how much dust these spaces collect.

checkbox bullet Launder curtains and clean blinds.

checkbox bullet Clean couches and vacuum under cushions. You might consider steam cleaning if the cushions are soiled.

checkbox bullet Clean your microwave, inside and out. If the inside is looking pretty scary, try this hack. Put a cup of water with some baking soda in there and heat until it boils. The steam will soften up the debris. Voila…instantly clean!

checkbox bullet Wipe down and clean out fridge and freezer. Throw away anything that looks or smells questionable or has past the expiration date.

checkbox bullet Flip your mattress. You might need to ask a friend, as it can be hard to maneuver alone.
Shampoo or steam clean carpets.

checkbox bullet De-clutter. Go through your files and throw anything that’s not adding value. Or recycle if it’s not sensitive information. It’s best to shred anything with personal information. You can purchase Seal N’ Shred bags from Federal Records Management and Shredding. Fill it with bills, paycheck stubs, and any other sensitive information. The bag, along with shredding, is only $15 and worth the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure!

checkbox bullet Speaking of recycling, Goodwill will take unwanted electronics, like computers and monitors, off your hands. Simply drop off items at one of their locations.

checkbox bullet Clean out your closet. Donate any unwanted items to a charity or host a clothing swap to trade with friends.

checkbox bullet Check your smoke detector batteries. It could save your life!

checkbox bullet Clean your computer and TV screens, using a gentle cloth.

Don’t wait until the weather gets nice to start your apartment Spring Cleaning. Get a head start now and you’ll thank yourself later. Sunshine is just around the corner!

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