How to Furnish an Apartment for Under $200

how to furnish an apartment

Do you browse the pages of stunning home décor magazines? Create luxurious Pinterest boards for each room of the apartment? Does it feel like you’ll never have an apartment you love because you’re on a budget?

Stop right where you are. You can rent the apartment of your dreams and furnish it without winning the lottery. All it takes is research, rack-browsing, and an eye for deals.

Live the glamorous life you deserve in a chic apartment. If you’re ready to learn how to furnish an apartment on a budget, keep reading.

Embrace Pre-Loved Furniture

Sure, it would be nice to shop the West Elm floor for new arrivals. But, most major furniture stores are way out of your budget. Instead, check out your local secondhand furniture stores and Facebook Marketplace listings.

Leave all your preconceived notions at the door. Not every person who donates furniture has bed bugs. Most people donate or sell furniture because they’re out of space or are changing their style. Plus, everything can get cleaned or updated. Right now, Facebook Marketplace is full of mid-century modern hutches, coffee tables, and entertainment units. You’re bound to find some affordable gems.

Shop Major Sales

Anyone on a budget knows when the major annual sales are. These are the prime days to buy what you need for your apartment, cheaply.

For example, there’s Amazon Prime Days. If you have a Prime membership, you get a full 36-hours of sales on the platform. And, Amazon has a flourishing furniture and home goods section.

Then, there’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s best to compile a list of the furniture pieces you need before the sale weekend. You’re on a budget so stay focused on what you need.

Here’s a bonus tip: shop during off-seasons. For furniture and appliances, April is one of the best months as people are spring cleaning and getting rid of pieces. Fourth of July weekend is also popular for furniture sales.

Fall for Knocks Offs

Forget brand names and major labels. You can get nearly identical furniture pieces to the ones in showrooms. This is especially true when it comes to home décor goods.

Love the natural, boho-chic look? Don’t waste your money on Restoration or Anthropologie. You can find identical wicker storage baskets and serving trays from Ikea and Wayfair or on Amazon.

Love the idea of hanging a gallery wall above your sofa? Authentic art prints and framing can cost you a fortune. Instead, shop for art prints on Society6 or Etsy. Find secondhand frames at the consignment store and spray paint them all the same color.

Wondering How to Furnish an Apartment on a Budget?

Decorating and furnishing your space doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re wondering how to furnish an apartment for under $200, use the tips above.

But first, you need an apartment before you can start decorating. If you’re looking for an apartment in the Fort Wayne area, check out our affordable apartments. Our apartments are small pet-friendly and single-story. All you need is furniture.

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