Declutter and Donate For The New Year: 5 Of The Best Places To Donate Your Things In 2020

Less is more these days. With the popularity of the KonMari method, people are more conscious than ever of their belongings.

Do you need everything you have? Are you using it all? Do your belonging make you happy, or do they make you feel trapped?

Do you want to kick off the year with a fresh start? Are you ready to donate your things in 2020? Keep reading to find out where to donate your items when decluttering so you can spend more time enjoying what you have.

How Do You Choose What to Donate?

So, you’re ready to declutter to make more space for what you love; but where do you start?

Depending on the phase of life you’re in, you may have a LOT of stuff. But, no matter how big or small your apartment is, you’re probably holding on to things you don’t even realize you have.

Here are some tips to get you started with decluttering:

  1. When was the last time you used it? If you haven’t used it for six months, you probably won’t miss it.
  2. Is the item sentimental or expensive? Weigh the pros and cons of keeping these items. Memories are just as valuable as the products themselves, so consider life without them to enjoy the space instead.
  3. Is the item unique and useful? You may have multiples of a useful thing in different areas of your home. If you do, pick the one in the best condition and donate the rest. If it’s unique but not useful, get rid of it.
  4. Do you like it? Don’t fall prey to the gifting trap! Many people hold on to items they don’t want just because it was a gift when getting rid of it would hold more value.
  5. Create a clutter collection space. Anything that sits in that space for more than a few days or weeks should be donated. If you consider it clutter, you don’t need it!

Where Should You Donate Your Things in 2020?

Once you’ve decided what you’re ready to part with, the next thing to figure out is where you should donate your belongings.

Here are the five best charities to donate to in 2020:

  1. Operation Paperback that sends gently-used books to American troops that stationed overseas. They also give kids’ books to the families of soldiers, so all books in good condition are welcome!
  2. Dress for Success is an excellent option for ladies’ professional clothing.
  3. Habitat for Humanity ReStore collects home goods, appliances, d├ęcor, and building materials.
  4. Salvation Army is ideal for any larger you’re ready to donate. You can even schedule a time for them to pick up items. It doesn’t get better than that!
  5. Goodwill makes it easy with staffed donation centers and donation bins across the US.

Why Should You Choose Decluttering and Donating?

While it may seem hard, there are many benefits to simplifying your space.

Do your best to focus on essential items and enjoy the peace that decluttering and donating can bring.

Embrace the magic of simplifying and surround yourself only with items that make you happy.

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