What to Consider Before Adopting a Pet into an Apartment Lifestyle

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Thinking of adopting a pet? You’ve heard the news that there are roughly 6.5 million furry friends waiting to find their forever homes in American pet shelters and ho can resist those adorable puppy dog eyes or a sweet kitten’s purr? But, before you bring your companion home, there are some things to consider, especially if you’re living in an apartment.


Consider Your Apartment Lifestyle

First things first: what kind of a home can you provide? Is your apartment pet-friendly? If you’re renting a townhouse with stairs, it doesn’t make sense to bring home an older animal that can’t climb. Thinking about adopting a Great Dane but you live in a studio apartment? Think again. Living together with your new four-legged roommate needs to be comfortable for both of you. Give yourselves space.

OK It With Your Landlord

You might think it’s just you and Spike moving in together, but there’s a third party in this equation. Some apartments have restrictions on dog breeds or a number of pets allowed in one home. Pit Bulls, Chow Chows, and sometimes even German Shepherds are all commonly blacklisted breeds, mostly due to insurance concerns.

Pass the Smell Test

An apartment lifestyle usually means smaller living space. When you bring pets into that, be aware they bring odors into the house too. Dogs can have oily fur or fluff that traps every smell. With cats, it’s all about the litter box.

There are a few things you can do to combat these odor problems and none of it involves candles or sprays.

  • Grooming Is Key – If you’ve got a pup that stinks up the place, you need to keep on top of their grooming needs. Bathe your buddy once a week if need be. Don’t discount going to the groomers for a nice shave to keep their fur neat and tidy. For extra furry friends, brushing their fluff is a great bonding activity.
  • Keeping Kitty’s Litter Clean – Besides cleaning the litter box every day as you should, here are a few quick tips to integrate a kitty potty into your apartment lifestyle. If your cat likes to kick up a lot of litter, consider an enclosed box. For a nice touch, hide the cat’s litter under a side table. Add curtains to completely obscure it and give them some privacy.

Kibble Quibbles

For those living the apartment lifestyle, it’s a given that space is at a premium. Get rid of those bulky feed bags and keep your pet’s food in sleek, streamlined containers. Coral all of the toys in one place, too. Keep clutter at a minimum, even with pets around.

Moving In With Your New Best Friend

Make your move into a beautiful apartment safe and fun for your new pal. At Poplar Ridge Apartments, we know that our fur babies mean everything and we welcome you and your small pet!

If you’ve got any tips about living the apartment lifestyle with your adopted pet, we want to hear it! Leave us a comment below and let’s chat.

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