Conduct an Apartment Security Test to Protect Your Valuables

It doesn’t happen often, here at Poplar Ridge Apartments in Fort Wayne, IN, but think about it.  What if a thief broke into your apartment while you were out and tried to take your valuables. How easy would it be for them?  Conduct a home security test yourself by thinking like a burglar.

First, most thieves have two simple goals:  One, find your valuables, and two, get out fast.

The first places you probably think about hiding your valuables will most likely be the first places searched by a thief:  Under your mattress, behind the toilet tank, and at the bottom of your sock drawer. Avoid these areas.  So, where can I hide things?.

Remember, a thief wants to get out of your apartment as quickly as possible, so he’s not going to to take a lot of time looking for your valuables.  He’s certainly not going to look, for example, into everything you’ve got stored in your refrigerator.   Wrap up your valuables in aluminum foil and put them in there next to yesterday’s bean casserole.

A thief would probably look behind your wall hangings, but probably won’t take time to open them up and look between the picture in front and the cardboard frame in the back.

And what thief in his right mind would search through all of the toys strewn around your kid’s room?  Hide your valuables in a toy your child has outgrown and that can be placed on a shelf.

Even in this age of single cup coffee makers, you can still buy coffee in large plastic containers.  Hide your valuables under the coffee, so that when anyone opens it, it just looks like a container of coffee.  You can also buy containers that look like common household items that are really hollowed out little safes.

And, the old book safe idea of hiding things in a hollowed out book also works, but only if you have a large collection of books that would make the search seem difficult to the average thief.  You could also hide some small items, like money, in a CD jewel case as long as it’s part of a larger CD collection.

Finally, here’s an interesting idea.  Give them what they want and maybe they’ll just leave.  In other words, leave a $100 bill in your sock drawer, along with some fake important looking papers, or photos.  Once a thief finds your stash, they want to get out of your apartment as quickly as possible.

The best solution?  Get a safe deposit box at a nearby bank.  You may have limited access, but thieves will have no access at all.

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