The Best Plants to Create a Lively Apartment

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How to Grow Apartment Plants

Apartment plants can help clean your air, liven up dull spaces in your home, and lift your spirits. But, many people worry about keeping plants. Keeping another living thing alive is stressful. The truth is that by picking low-maintenance plants, you can add greenery to your apartment without feeling like you are tied to its fate.

There are plenty of hardy, easy-to-keep plants that are ideal in apartment settings. We’ve compiled a list of the five best plants for apartment living.

Peace Lily

The peace lily doesn’t share the delicate disposition of some of its other lily cousins. Their hardy constitution, low light needs, and low water needs make them incredibly easy to keep. They thrive under a natural or artificial light, only need to be watered once a week or so, and are generally nearly impossible to kill, which makes them ideal apartment plants.


Succulents are a diverse plant type, with lots of fun shapes and types. The common factor, though? They are crazy easy to take care of and thrive indoors. They are so low maintenance that most seasoned gardeners will tell you that you almost have to ignore them a bit for them to survive.

Most succulents want a bright window, but you can find low-light alternatives as well. Their water needs are crazy low since they’ve evolved to store their own water for long periods of time.


Lavender isn’t a plant you often think of when it comes to indoor houseplants, and it’s true that Lavender does best outdoors. That said, if you have a nice sunny window (preferably south-facing) and a small table to place near it, you can have a lovely pot of lavender to act as a natural air-freshener and pop of color.

Lavender doesn’t like a lot of water, making it ideal if you tend to forget you have plants living with you.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is an interesting little guy. It grows equally well in soil, in stones, or hydroponically. It needs indirect, low light, making it great for spaces without bright windows. As for water needs, the roots do need to be covered in water, especially if the plant is being grown in stones and water. Absorption is slow, though, so your bamboo will only need to be watered about once a week.


Surprise! You can absolutely grow lemons indoors. Full lemon trees can be hard to cultivate indoors, because of their humidity and water needs, though it can be done.

Planting a few lemon seeds in a pot can give you lovely-smelling sprouts that are slow-growing and keep well in a small pot.

Indoor plants improve air quality and add color to a small space. They help cultivate a healthy, fresh, and inviting atmosphere in any apartment, and help bring the outdoors into your living spaces.

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