How to Buy the Best Furniture for Your Aparment

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Whether people are looking for a studio apartment or a two-bedroom one, they usually encounter the same problem: What type of furniture do I buy? Finding the best apartment furniture can be a bit of a struggle. The limited space can sometimes restrict people from bringing or purchasing larger, more lavish items.

However, you can still live a life of luxury even if you aren’t staying in a 10-bedroom mansion. In fact, the money you save by renting an apartment could help pay for the beautiful furniture that you’ve always wanted.

Read on to learn how you can furnish your apartment in the best way possible.

Getting Your Apartment’s Measurements

Before purchasing any type of furniture, it’s important to know exactly how much space is available in your apartment. For example, the size of a studio apartment here at Poplar Ridge is 288 square feet. These measurements dictate the size and style of the furniture that you can buy.

You don’t want to overwhelm or over-stuff your home with pieces of furniture that are too big. Getting the most accurate and precise measurements will ensure that the furniture you buy truly fits within your apartment.

Contact your apartment leasing office ahead of time to get these measurements. With that information, you can make sure you have the perfect furniture ready ahead of your move-in date.

Apartment Furniture: The Essentials

Some pieces of apartment furniture are simply more important than others. It’s easy to get distracted by flashy decorations or expensive artwork, but you need to focus on the essentials. Furnish your apartment in phases.

Start with the first phase: bedroom furniture. A sturdy bed frame, a comfortable mattress, and a solid dresser are must-buys.

Once you purchase those, then move on to the living room and the kitchen.

Which type of bed, dresser, or sofa should you get? That all depends on the kind of style you want your apartment to be.

When to Splurge and When to Save

You will want to spend more money on certain pieces of furniture than you will others. When it comes to furnishing your apartment, always prioritize comfort over coolness.

What do we mean by that? Spend more money to buy quality furniture especially for your bed and sofa than on your dresser or kitchen table. You and your guests being able to sleep and sit comfortably matter more than whether or not the wood of your dresser matches the wood of your bed frame.

For example, a queen size mattress can cost anywhere from $100 to around $4,000. That’s a pretty wide price range. Do your research to see which mattress meets your needs most and buy it.

Also, look for pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a lift coffee table or storage ottoman can be a very smart purchase. Not only will it be a piece of furniture in your living room, but it will also provide you with extra storage space.

Finding the Best Deals

There’s no real, definitive secret to finding the best deals on apartment furniture. The best advice anyone can give is just to be on the lookout. Major retailers usually put high-quality, expensive items on sale during holiday weekends. Look through the ads in your newspaper or on these companies’ websites or Facebook pages to see what these new, low prices are.

You can also always find more affordable prices when you consider used furniture. Most of these pieces are still in great condition even though they’re technically not “new.”

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