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free apartment moving checklist

Whether you’re heading off to college or simply venturing out on your own, moving to your first apartment is an exciting time! If you’re new to renting an apartment, check out our Guide for New Renters which is full of great information on how to rent an apartment. Once you have your apartment picked out and have paid your deposit, this easy week-by-week moving checklist will help you prepare and reduce stress as you keep track of loose ends.

4 Weeks Out

  • Schedule movers or enlist family and friends with trucks to help you out. Do this well in advance, so you’re not scrambling last minute.
  • Clean out closets. Get rid of whatever you no longer wear and donate it to a charity.
  • Figure out your furniture needs for your new place. If you need more, you might opt for second-hand pieces, as they’re more affordable.
  • Get boxes and packing materials. Most grocery stores will be more than willing to give them away.

3 Weeks Out

  • Begin packing by focusing on non-essentials you won’t need on a daily basis.
  • Change your address with all financial institutions and creditors.
  • Consult the post office about mail forwarding.
  • Send a mass email or text to your contacts with your new mailing address.
  • Schedule an installation date for utilities such as cable, gas, electricity, water etc. Talk to your leasing agents to find out what you’ll need.

2 Weeks Out

  • Cancel or transfer your subscriptions to your new place
  • Make a list of items you’ll need for your new place such as a microwave, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, bed sheets, pillows, and more. Go room by room to make sure you don’t miss anything. Buy only what you’ll need the first few days now, save the rest for when you move in so you have less to pack and move
  • Focus on packing

1 Week Out

  • Pack a basics box to get you through the first few days in your new place: bedding, a few plates, cups and silverware, toiletries, etc.
  • Confirm the installation date of utilities
  • Finish packing and be sure to keep all boxes and bags together so you don’t forget anything.
  • Touch base and confirm movers. Schedule a meeting time.

Remember to have fun. If you have family and friends helping you out, buy a few pizzas as a thank you. Happy moving!

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