9 Creative Apartment Space Saving Tips

ways to add more space to apartment

Make the Most of Apartment Space

No matter how big your apartment is, there never seems to be enough room for all your stuff! Make the most of your apartment space by following these space-saving tips.

  • Don’t be afraid to go bold. A large sectional can often be better than a small sofa and chair. Low- sitting furniture also suggests vertical space.
  • Convertible furniture is a great way to double up on items – a coffee table that turns into a dining table, or a ottoman that turns into a bed.
  • Simplify. Get rid of any item that doesn’t add to the room. Don’t purchase any organizing supplies until you have purged unnecessary items.
  • Mirrors and glass make a great team. You can benefit from the illusion of space created by tucking mirrors into corners, and by hanging art in glass frames, which create reflections
  • Think stripes. Whether it’s a rug or pillow set, stripes will elongate.
  • White is your friend; it makes everything appear bigger and brighter.
  • Placing multiple rugs throughout the room can make the room appear segmented and therefore larger. Plus in the winter it will help to insulate the floor.
  • Don’t let vertical space go to waste. You can make the most of walls as a display space for art. It also draws the eye up, making a space feel more spacious.
  • Create a focal point with a piece of furniture or distinct element. This trick will fool the brain into thinking the room is larger.
  • Turn your walls into storage. When renting you don’t want to damage your walls. However, Command hooks allow you to hang things from your walls without the holes created by nails.

Whatever approach you take remember you’re the one who’s going to live in the space. So don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch and creativity to your apartment!

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