7 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions For Your Apartment In 2020

When making resolutions for 2020, do not only focus on your self. Look to improve your surroundings as well!

Start with your apartment. Make your living space feel like home with apartment new year’s resolutions!

7 Awesome Apartment New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you? Whether you’re looking for a new apartment or want to improve the one you already live in, keep reading these 7 new year’s apartment resolutions!

1. Add Color Without Painting

Some apartment communities frown on painting the walls bold colors. This does not mean that you need to enter into a colorless new year!

In the bedrooms, choose colorful bedding or decorative pillows that stand out. Match them with a bright tapestry!

In the living room, you can hang statement art or even go bold with couch choice!  If that feels like a little too much for you, lay down a colorful area rug and place matching throw pillows onto a neutral couch.

2. Save Money on Food

Statistics suggest that the average US household spends $3,000 annually on dining out. Take advantage of your apartment’s appliances to save yourself money on food.

You can make it almost as easy as eating out! Take one day a week to meal prep! Make healthy meals and portion them into freezable Tupperware. This will make eating on the go easier, healthier, and much less expensive!

If you don’t already have one, invest in a slow cooker. This makes cooking a great meal easy and your supper will be ready for you when you get home at the end of the day.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Invest in a bookshelf or furniture with shelves or compartments to hold items you can’t find a place for.

Also, opt for tall dressers rather than wide ones that take-up more of the room. In kids’ rooms, utilize corners to hang mesh nets for stuffed animals and toys.

4. Go Green

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Three words that will save you money and will help the environment at the same time. Before you by any item, ask yourself if you really need it or if you can make do without it.

Have an item that you rarely use? Find a new way to use it. If you still don’t need it, recycle it or sell it for some extra cash.

Also, you can typically catch a bus route within walking distance of an apartment. Do this or walk to close destinations to reduce your carbon footprint and save on gas money.

House plants improve the environment and brighten up the living space. If you want more than one or two, consider a wall planter, LED window sill planter, and hanging plants for space-saving ideas!

5. Mount Your Televisions

Large entertainment centers look nice and hold a lot, but they take up a ton of space. Mount your television(s) to the wall(s) for one of your new year’s apartment changes.

Game councils and other devices may complicate this decision. But, you can find small entertainment centers that mount to the wall beneath the television.

Of course, always talk to your leasing office before hanging anything on the walls!

6. DIY

Apartments are often more affordable than homes, so, you may think affording a revamp is out of the question. But, you can find DYI decorating that will make your place look lux!

Distress your furniture. This in look can cost high into the hundreds when store-bought. But, in a day or two, you can turn an old piece into your own masterpiece!

Find steals at garage sales, like old frames that you can add your own art into. You can also throw white battery-operated Christmas lights into jars to set on shelves or get creative with crafts!

7. Adopt a Pet

Do you feel lonely in your new place? A fur friend will always add more love to your living space. Adopting a pet benefits their life and yours. Just be mindful of roaming space compared to their size and needs and speak with your leasing office about any size or breed restrictions before adopting your new best friend.

Happy New YEAR!

Roar into the ’20s with an improved way of living! Use these apartment new year’s resolutions to make this year better than the last.

We want you to enjoy your new apartment o the fullest! Download your application today!

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