5 Ways to Decorate a Studio Apartment to Add Some Personality

Over 100 million, (or 37%) of Americans live in an apartment they rent and call home. For a variety of reasons, many people choose to rent instead of buying a home. It could be to save money or because they enjoy the lifestyle and amenities offered.

If you are living on your own, there’s little reason to get a place that’s too large. Getting a studio is perfect in size and price. Even with little space, there are still ways to decorate a studio apartment. 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to give your studio apartment some personality, keep reading to learn a few decor ideas. 

1. Create Divisions

Defining certain parts of a room goes a long way when decorating your studio. Even if you don’t have a wall, you can divide your space using what you have. You can split rooms using a combination of different themes and items like rugs, furniture, shoe rack, or shelves.  

Creating division between rooms can help separate each space into its own “room” instead of looking like one large space.

2. Lift the Area with DIY Items

There’s nothing like making a DIY item to personalize your studio and have fun in the decorating process. Whether you work great with your hands or believe you aren’t the most “crafty” person out there, there are dozens of DIY projects for small spaces

3. Organize Storage Vertically

Space is limited with most studio apartments, but that doesn’t mean you void of areas you can use as storage. Rather than organizing your things left to right, you could store items up and down.

Library shelves and entertainment centers are perfect for those who want the extra height. If you have a few pieces you want to show off, ladder shelves are a great option. 

4. Mount Items on Display

You can also add things to your walls to gain added space. If you use the right equipment, you don’t have to drill holes in the walls that would damage it. Drywall anchor studs, press-in hooks, and adhesive strips are all great methods to use. 

Go ahead and put any hobbies you enjoy on display such as an instrument, art, or anything you collect. Vintage pieces will also add personality, but anything you believe catches your eye works as decor. 

5. Use Curved or Multi-Purpose Furniture

The layout for most studios is box-shaped. You can add more dimension to the area by getting curved furniture to make the area look more spacious and attractive. Instead of trying hard to work your space around your furniture, you should buy multi-purpose furniture that works with you.

You could invest in a sofa bed and or a folding table. Multi-purpose furniture is easy to store away when not in use. Adding accents when you leave it in the open keeps personality in the room. 

Implementing the Many Ways to Decorate a Studio Apartment 

Adding personality to an apartment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are so many ways to decorate a studio apartment on any budget. If you are looking for a studio apartment to call your own in the Fort Wayne area, contact us to set up a tour.

Many of our studios and bedrooms are located in hot spots such as shopping centers, medical facilities, movie theaters, and other entertainment plazas. 

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