5 Tips for Giving Your Apartment a Cheap Makeover

Your apartment is a haven. It’s the place you come back to after a long day to unwind and relax.

Sometimes, the apartments we rent aren’t the pinnacle of home design. They may be a little drab and dreary, which doesn’t make for the best interiors.

Not to worry, spicing the place up isn’t hard to do and doesn’t have to cost much.

Here are five easy steps to achieve the perfect cheap apartment makeover.

5 Tips for Giving Your Apartment a Cheap Makeover

You don’t need to move into a new apartment to live somewhere with beautiful decor. It’s easy to spruce up your current living space to make it feel brand new. Loving where you live is essential.

When you’re happy at home, this affects other aspects of your life positively. Here are the best ways to make that happen.

1. Liven Up with Wallpaper

Dull walls can bring the vibe of the whole room down. If your apartment needs a fresh new look, start with the walls.

For a modern and classy look, go for a bold accent wall. Navy is a great color for this. If you want a lighter look, don’t go for white. It can be cold and uninviting.

Instead, go for a warmer white or even light grey. It helps the light distribution in the room and makes it feel bigger.

For renters, you may think you can’t change the walls. But, temporary wallpaper is a great way to add your stylish stamp on the place. There are a lot of styles to choose from, and all you do is peel and stick it in place and peel off to remove.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Nothing makes a room more unwelcoming than a lot of clutter. It’s easy to make you feel overwhelmed and bring your mood down. I bet you have a list of things you want to throw away or find a place for. Do it now! A good rule of thumb is to purge anything you’ve not used in 3-6 months.

Buy storage for your things too. If you have kids, this is essential. Invest in some shelving or storage cubes to keep everything out of the way and reclaim your living space.

3. Bring in Some Greenery

Plants are a great way to decorate your home and make it feel fresh and inviting. Plants will never go out of style and there is always a plant for you. Local nurseries or garden stores will help you find the right plant and teach you how to care for it.

Are you prone to killing plants and don’t always remember to water them? Succulents and cacti are perfect for you since they thrive on neglect!

4. Make it Lit

You could have everything you need for the perfect interior, but poor lighting will ruin it all. Swapping out your bulbs is a cheap and easy way to make a big difference. There are a lot of smart home accessories which help you achieve the perfect lighting.

Your apartment kitchen might have fluorescent lighting installed. This can be great to work under, but it highlights any ugly areas immediately. Instead, try a soft, bright white light. This helps to make the room more inviting and comfortable while remaining functional.

IKEA sells lots of cheap, stylish lamps which adds to the decor in the room as well as providing the right lighting.

5. Create a Focal Point

For big and small spaces alike, a focal point can add a lot of depth to the room. Focal points don’t have to be grand, expensive decorations. A mirror over the sofa or a picture hung above the bed are great conversation pieces.

You don’t even need to buy new items. Re-frame family photos in a black frame for a bold and modern feel.

Get the Perfect Apartment Makeover

An apartment makeover doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. For very little, you can make your drab-looking place look beautiful. When you’re happy at home, you’re happier in life.

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