5 of the Most Perfect Gifts for Apartment Dwellers

The holidays are here again and that means it’s time to think of what gifts to give our friends and family. Now, some of these folks are likely to live in a small apartment or studio.

You may have heard the saying ‘it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts’ many times. And you want to be thoughtful about what to give the apartment dwellers in your life. Apartment space is prime real estate and you don’t want to give something that will clog up the area.

You’ll want to give something that can use space effectively and creatively. Here are 5 gift ideas that are perfect for people who prefer the cozy apartment life.

1. Go Green

Houseplants are excellent gifts. These green lifeforms are beautiful to look at and give the apartment a warm welcoming feeling. They also improve the mental and physical health of apartment dwellers by purifying the air around them.

Keeping plants alive can be a challenge though since space and natural sunlight are limited. No worries, there are plants that are low maintenance and require little water and sunlight.

Cacti come in different shapes and sizes and are robust enough to survive in the desert. Other examples are the snake plant, peace lily, and bamboo.

2. Are You Not Entertained?

Entertaining friends can be tough for people who live in a small space. Sure they may have money to buy a big screen TV but where will they put it? It is going to be difficult to host movie night or game night on a personal laptop.

Fortunately, we live in a tech age. There are pico or pocket projectors that are just slightly larger than a smartphone. Small, but incredibly powerful Bluetooth speakers can fill up an apartment space with sound effortlessly. Gaming consoles are also trending to be more compact and on-the-go as seen in the super popular Nintendo Switch(R).

3. Multi-Purpose Furniture for Apartment Dwellers

If you’re looking for awesome space-savers, multifunctional furniture is your best bet. Sure, some of these may be slightly bigger than regular furniture. However, having a few large pieces fits the geometry better than lots of small furniture clutter.

A good, classic example is the convertible couch/chair bed. Matryoshka furniture with pieces that can be stored in one another is also a great fit in any apartment.

4. Compact Appliances to Save Space

Who doesn’t love freshly brewed coffee? Espresso machines and other coffee makers are now more compact than before. Some coffee makers also function as coffee mugs so your friend can make and drink coffee from the same device.

5. Anything Stackable

Give that special person stackable mugs or wine glasses for the pantry. Stackable containers are a great way to organize things and free up even more space.

Do you live in an apartment or looking for one? What gifts would you like to receive this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!

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