5 Fun Indoor Christmas Decorations for Your Apartment

indoor christmas decorations

As Andy Williams once sang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. People are happier, everything is festive, and the weather is getting cold.

That can only mean one thing: the holidays are here!

One of the most beloved holiday traditions is adorning your house with festive decorations. And while those living in an apartment may feel like they have to miss out on the fun, we’ve got some good news.

There’s no reason to miss out on all the cheer and merriment just because you don’t have a large space. Here are five easy indoor Christmas decorations for apartments that can create big fun in a little space.

1. Tiny Christmas Trees

When people think of Christmas trees, they may think of massive, 6-foot Douglas Firs twinkling with lights and a beautiful star on top. But there are plenty of ways to get all of the joy of a Christmas tree at a fraction of the size.

Your local department store should have plenty of perfectly-sized artificial options available. Artifical trees are perfect for apartments and may even come with pre-strung lights, allowing you to simply plug it in and enjoy the season.

2. Christmas Tree Scent

Now, we know what you’re thinking. What about the classic Christmas tree smell? After all, part of the joy of a Christmas tree is enjoying that fresh, piney scent. Not to worry, there are plenty of indoor Christmas decorations that can conjure up the feeling of Christmas without a real tree.

Consider grabbing a few Christmas tree-scented air fresheners to spruce up your apartment. There are even tons of candles that smell like a Christmas tree.

Remember, Christmas is what you make it. An apartment may not offer all of the space of a house, but that’s no reason to skip the decorations.

3. Christmas Lights

Aside from the tree, no indoor Christmas decorations are more iconic than lights. The twinkle and sparkle, the red and green, the memories of Christmas past. There’s so much joy associated with these fun, flashy lights. Brighten up your holiday season by grabbing a strand, and string them around any room you choose.

Best of all, there are even energy efficient Christmas lights that work on a timer and lower your electricity bill. That means more money to put toward Christmas gifts for loved ones.

4. A Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Of course, a traditional Christmas tree is fun, but so is making your own. If you feel like getting creative and crafty, grab some colored tissue paper and create your own tree. You can stick it to the wall and liven up the room without taking up extra space! You can even include craft paper ornaments to add a nice flair to it.

5. “Frosted” Windows

Finally, let your neighbors in on the fun. You can create your own frosted windows in a few simple steps. Just dissolve some Epsom Salt and beer, grab a paintbrush and some rags, and get to work.

Indoor Christmas Decorations Are A Fun Way To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

These indoor Christmas decoration ideas for apartments are sure to help you and your loved ones celebrate the season. From your friends at Poplar Ridge, have a safe and wonderful holiday.

And if you’re looking for a fantastic place to live, we can help. Get in touch today to ask about our move-in specials and deals!

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