Moving into Your First Apartment? Here Are 5 Apartment Decorating Ideas

You’ve signed your lease and are preparing yourself to move into your first apartment. Once the excitement settles you realize that you’ve only ever decorated your bedroom at your parent’s home or a college dorm. You don’t know what to do with an entire apartment.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to overthink it too much. All it takes is a little removable wallpaper, photos of your family, and appropriately sized furniture to make your space reflect who you are.

Still feeling a little bit of decoration anxiety? We can help you out with it. Keep reading for a few great apartment decorating ideas that will bring life to your new place.

1. Choose Appropriately Sized Furniture

When you’re furniture shopping if you spot a luxurious sectional, let it go and save it for when you’re able to move into a larger place. Apartments are small so even if you’re able to get it through the door, it will look out of place.

You should also find furniture that can multitask. For example, you can use an ottoman as a table and storage or a sofa with a pull out bed in case your family comes for a visit.

2. Storage

Speaking of storage, you’re going to need some in your apartment. You’re only going to have so many closets and cabinets. Choose a bed with built-in storage or one that has enough space underneath for you to hide storage containers under it.

Bookshelves are good for holding your reading material and showing off your nick-nacks. And, over the door shelving in closets and behind bedroom and bathroom doors are great ways to store extra items.

3. Resist the Freebies

If you’re on a budget it can be tempting to take any freebies you can get. The problem is that if you take too much of these, your apartment will no longer feel like yours.

If you must take a hand me down sofa, you can allow it to reflect your personal style by covering it in pillows and throws.

4. Removable Wallpaper

Many apartment leasing agents frown upon painting the walls. Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to live with boring white walls for the entire time you’re renting the apartment.

You can invest in removable wallpaper. It’s not too expensive and there are tons of options out there for you to choose from. It won’t be hard for you to find one that you like and if you want a change in a few years or are moving out, it’s easy to remove.

5. You Don’t Need Expensive Prints

Your apartment isn’t the place for you to show off 1000 dollar paintings and pieces. Instead, find a fun and creative way to display your family photos. Or purchase prints that match your style from department stores.

Apartment Decorating Ideas for Your First Place

Are you about to move into your first apartment? Just because you’re renting the place doesn’t mean that you can’t spruce it up with removable wallpaper or find furniture that you’ll like. Use these apartment decorating ideas to make your space feel like yours.

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