4 Apartment Features to Look for During Your Search

Are you searching for the perfect apartment? There are a number of popular apartment features that renters commonly look for.

There are currently 35 million Americans that reside in an apartment. In this competitive environment, apartment community owners must deliver these features in order to be successful.

With that being said, cast your net wide and do not settle for anything less than your apartment wish list.

Read on to explore 4 popular apartment features and how to land the high-quality rental you deserve.

1) Location is the Most Important Apartment Feature

The best way to retain a renter is to offer a great location that cannot be parted with. In today’s day and age, more people are looking for experience over amenities.

The apartment community should be close to local employment centers. In general, renters want a short commute to work.

Renters want an area that they can show off to family and have some fun. Do not settle for an apartment community that does not meet your location needs. This is true whether the location is work or entertainment-driven.

2) Onsite Washer and Dryer

Gone are the days of tenants lugging their laundry to the parking lot and filling up the trunk. Renters will not look favorably upon driving to the local laundromat.

You should not settle for an apartment unit that does not include an onsite laundry room. For many renters, this is a make or break amenity.

In a survey of 13,000 renters in the Seattle area, a washer and dryer were ranked as most likely to drive a make or break decision. It was also ranked as the amenity that renters found the most interesting.

3) Guaranteed Parking Space

This is a big problem for renters in high-density areas. In fact, many urban renters pay top dollar for a guaranteed parking space.

There are few things that will turn off a renter like walking half a mile with groceries in hand. A parking space may seem like a paltry demand, but it is a big deal for convenience purposes.

Landing a free parking space or access to a lot with open spaces is a big plus.

4) On-Site Fitness Center

Access to an on-site gym is another popular apartment feature. In renter surveys, this is a feature that is often cited as desirable.

The convenience of walking to the gym cannot be overstated. Many people lose the motivation when forced to drive to the gym.

Typically, access to the gym is included in the monthly rent. This saves renters on the monthly bill, adding a financial benefit to this amenity.

Popular Apartment Features – Wrapping It Up

Each renter has preferences, but some features are more popular than others. Among these popular features, amenities such as an onsite laundry and a fitness center stand out above the rest.

For others, location and a guaranteed parking spot rank as the most important.

For more information on renting an apartment, please contact us for assistance. You deserve a high-quality unit and Poplar Ridge Apartments is here to help.

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