Iliinois Road Exit number on I-69 to Change by end of 2012

If you’re used to telling friends the easiest way to get to your place at Poplar Ridge Apartments is to “take I-69 to exit 105,  go east and turn right on Getz Road,” you’re going to have to change your directions slightly, and for that, you can thank the government.

Right now, I-69 ends in Northern Indianapolis, but by the end of this year, it will go all the way south to Evansville, and that, according to federal law, requires the state to renumber the mile markers along the entire route, which means the exit numbers will chang, too.  With mile 0 in Evansville, I-69 will soon add 182 more route miles.  To make it easier, the government is allowing Indiana to round that number off to 200.  So, Today’s Exit 105,  Illinois Road, will within the next few years become Exit 305. When this happens is anyone’s guess, so you’ll just have to keep watch, and then start telling your friends to “take I-69 to Exit 305, and head east and turn right on Getz Road.”

Whether it’s exit 105 or exit 305, Poplar Ridge Apartments is still close to everything with its quick on or off access to I-69.

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