5 Must-Have Kitchen Essentials for Your Apartment

Did you know that more and more consumers are cooking at home, rather than dining out or getting food from fast-food restaurants? With home cooking becoming a popular option, your apartment should have kitchen essentials to make delicious meals fast and easy.

Whether you are an experienced cook or you are just starting out, you can never go wrong with some of these kitchen tools.

1. A Slow Cooker

A good slow cooker is at the top of the kitchen essentials checklist. If you are busy or you like simple recipes, a slow cooker is a kitchen must.

Slow cookers are relatively inexpensive and can cook your food over several hours. You can pop in your dinner before you leave for work and it will be hot and ready by the time you get home.

For some inspiration, check out a few of these slow cooker meals:

Makeover Slow-Cooked Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Slow Cooker Black Bean, Quinoa, & Sweet Potato Stew

Vegan Slow Cooker Lasagna Soup

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

2. A Cast Iron Pan

Many home cooks consider the cast iron pan a kitchen staple because of its versatility. A cast iron pan is also safe to use in the oven, so you can easily transfer it from stove to oven.

Cast iron pans are also incredibly durable, so they have an impressive lifespan. You can rely on a cast iron pan as one of your go-to kitchen accessories that can play many roles.

What can you make in a cast iron skillet? You’d be surprised! These cast iron skillet recipes are always a hit!

German Apple Pancake

Easy Cast Iron Pizza

Italian Sausage Veggie Skillet

Vegan Enchiladas Skilttet


3. A Good Set of Knives

In order to complete your kitchen essentials checklist, you should own a quality set of knives. You can use them for preparing food, as well as at the dinner table.

A knife collection should include:

  • chef’s knife
  • paring knife
  • steak knives
  • bread knife
  • boning knife

Your cooking experience will be much smoother when you have the right kitchen tools. For instance, it is difficult to chop vegetables with a bread knife.

Sharpen your knife skills to avoid injury.

4. A Can Opener

One of the first kitchen utensils you should buy is a can opener. Though many canned products have pop tabs nowadays, you should always be prepared with a can opener.

Most can openers are hand-operated and low cost. If you want an upgrade, you can buy an automatic can opener that saves you the physical labor.

Sometimes popping open a can or two can make for a quick and easy dinner. Check out this simple canned food recipe for Slow Cooker Beef Vegetable Soup that makes use of your slow cooker and can opener! Or this recipe for easy Vegan Taco Soup.

5. An Air Fryer

In the past few years, air fryers have quickly become one of the most popular kitchen essentials. An air fryer is an appliance that can do the work of an oven and other kitchen tools.

Since it is so versatile, replacing multiple appliances with an air fryer is a great way to downsize your things and free up some space in your apartment kitchen while making a healthy, delicious meal.

Here are a few air fryer recipes to get you started:

Cheesy Vegan Potato Wedges

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

Homemade Cannoli

Improve Your Cooking With These Kitchen Essentials

You don’t need to have a huge kitchen or fancy tools to cook delicious meals. With these kitchen essentials, you can be prepared to whip up anything in your home or apartment kitchen.

Want more tips on how to make the most out of your apartment space? Contact us to learn more about our apartments, ask a question, or even set up a tour.

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Apartment Cleaning Tips to Keep Germs, Flu, and Covid At Bay

The global pandemic has meant outside spaces are being sanitized and closed off for health reasons, but just how safe is the inside of your own home? While other areas may be the responsibility of the state, you are responsible for the conditions inside your own apartment. 

Cleaning your space not only makes it a better place to live, but can help you kill germs the flu, and COVID. Read on for our top tips for apartment cleaning and creating a healthier space. 

Remove Clutter First

Before starting any big clean, declutter. Anything you do not need should be stored away or disposed of. All these items and places are doing are providing an area for dust, dirt, germs, and microbes to fester. 

Clean any dishes away in the kitchen, and take the garbage out. Once you have done this, collect all the laundry and put it in the washing machine. Now you have removed all the barriers and you can start a huge cleaning spree.

Clean from the Inside

The first rule of cleaning is to always clean from the inside outwards. This works if you are on your hands and knees scrubbing a floor, vacuuming, or mopping. The reason for this is that you are not going back on yourself, spreading more muck and footprints on your newly cleaned surface. 

If you are mopping a large room, you may have to maneuver a little so that you are always heading towards the door and are not backed into a corner. 

Use Apartment Cleaning Products

There are some environmental concerns with some cleaning products and many people now choose to use their own. Vinegar, baking soda, and other products are often used to make less harsh cleaning products. However, they don’t work as well to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Branded cleaning fluids have been tested and tried multiple times. They are proven to remove germs and bacteria. If you’re worried about the environment, try to alternate between a clean with chemical products and another with homemade. Use your homemade products for everyday cleaning, and more powerful cleaning products for deep cleaning.

Wash and Moisturize Your Hands

One of the most important aspects of cleaning is prevention. The best method is to wash your hands and wash them regularly. If not, you will quickly find that germs and microbes transfer from one area of your apartment to another rapidly. 

As well as the obvious times after bathroom use, you should up your hand washing schedule. When you enter the home, before you eat, and before any food preparation are times you can not afford to miss. 

Freshen up Your Space

Are you looking for a fresh, new apartment in the Fort Wayne area? Poplar Ridge apartments are a clean, pet-friendly community with furnished and unfurnished properties. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and make Poplar Ridge your new, fresh residence!

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How to Achieve Your Apartment Goals in 2021: Set Yourself These Resolutions

You make resolutions for eating healthy, losing weight, getting organized, or learning a new skill, so why not make some apartment goals as well? 

Setting goals for your apartment can help you create a happier home life while sprucing up your place and even saving some money!

If you’re ready to make 2021 the best year yet, check out some of our goals and tips for setting achievable apartment goals in the new year. 

Make Your Place Safe

Making your apartment safe is a task that will cost very little, but pay dividends in the long run. Although you may think your home is safe and sound, there are a number of problems that can come to reap havoc on your property, both internal and external. 

Start on the inside. Most apartments come with a smoke detector, but what about a carbon monoxide detector? Carbon monoxide can come from your furnace, space heater, gas stove, or other sources, including your car if you have an attached garage. 

It’s always a good idea to add a carbon monoxide detector to your apartment to make sure you and your family are safe.

Cut Down Your Energy Consumption

Any apartment goals should start and end with a pledge to become more environmentally conscious. One way you can do that is to cut down on your energy consumption. At the same time, it will keep your energy bills low and save you money. 

Turn off lights when you are not using them. Before bed, take appliances off standby and turn them off at the socket. Unplug any unused phone chargers as they can still pull electricity even when not being used.

Another way to save energy and money is by turning down your thermostat a few degrees at night or when you leave your apartment.

Throw Things Away or Donate Them

Your small apartment goals should include decluttering at least once a year. Go through everything you have, and check if it serves a purpose. If not, then decide how much you actually need it in your life. 

Anything you don’t need gets the chop. You don’t actually have to throw it all in the trash. In fact, find better ways of getting rid of things such as recycling them or taking them to charity and thrift stores. 

Autopay Your Bills

While setting up autopay systems does take some time, it will more than make up for it in the long run. You will not have to worry about payment processing and spending time on managing finances. Bills will simply be paid immediately from the money in your account. 

Another bonus of this is that it means you will never miss a bill. This can do wonders for your credit score and help you save on late fees. 

Redecorate Your Apartment

Need a change? Redecorating your apartment can help liven up your space. Move your furniture around to create a refreshed look. Add some new throw pillows, a rug, or some plants to help create a new look without breaking your budget.

Find a New One

When the new year arrives, perhaps your apartment goals are to simply find a new one. A new place to live can be a fresh start. 

Poplar Ridge should be your first choice when looking for a new apartment. We are a pet-friendly community with a number of affordable apartments. Click here to view our selection, and you could start the new year in a new home at Poplar Ridge. 

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Insanely Smart Apartment Storage Hacks You Haven’t Thought Of

Feeling cramped or disorganized? When living in a small apartment, it’s important to know how to use your area to your advantage. If you need some tips for storage and organization, keep reading for some clever apartment storage hacks that you may not have thought about.

Utilize Your Wall Space 

If you are not utilizing your wall space, you’re missing out on a lot of storage possibilities. Your walls, especially at the top, go unused by many renters. Use this space to hang clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen supplies, and more.

Instead of using floor or desk lamps, use wall-mounted LED lamps; therefore, you can free up space on the ground and your desk. You can use adhesive strips and utility hooks to hang items without causing damage to the walls. 

Hanging organizers, the ones typically used in closets or the backs of doors, can also be repurposed for additional room for storage. Just be sure to talk to your leasing office before hanging anything to make sure you don’t violate your lease agreement.

Upgrade Your Furniture 

Innovations in interior design and home furnishings are always evolving and a modern trend is convertible furniture. Upgrade your furniture and optimize your space with these convertible furnishings.

This Haskall Breakfast Bar table features a high-top table and stool which hang on brackets underneath for easy and convenient storage. The table itself is minimalistic and easy to move to the side.

Now, let’s move on to the living room. This Naya Pop-Up Coffee Table is a perfect addition. The top lifts to give you ample storage room.

Living in small apartments usually means you need to compromise on certain features, like an office. However, with this Fold-Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk, you can have a desk that doubles as a mirror when it’s not in use. 

Storage ottomans are a great way to add extra storage space too!

These aren’t your only options. Many renters have come up with creative ways of using their furniture as storage or downgrading it to small pieces. Be creative with your space and utilize all the empty space you can. 

Do It Yourself 

Are you a DIYer?  It’s a great activity to pursue while staying indoors due to COVID-19. Try these projects to modify your furniture to repurpose it or add more room.

Trash cans are bulky, awkward, and unsightly. Use a cabinet to hide your trash can. If you have room, dedicate one side to the garbage and the other to recycling. 

Pantry space is precious and often limited. Use a lazy susan turntable in your pantry so you can put away more and still see and access everything. Keep one on your counter for spices and utensils. 

Hang a pegboard in your closet for additional space for clothes, jewelry, or items you can’t put anywhere else. You can also use a pegboard in a room like a bathroom to organize your toiletries. Check out these ideas for more ways to use pegboards for apartment storage. 

Clever Apartment Storage Hacks You Haven’t Thought Of

You can never have enough storage room in your apartment. You can utilize your wall space in any room of your home to optimize your area. Get creative and use adhesive strips or hooks to keep items off the floor.

Similarly, you can upgrade your apartment storage with convertible furniture. They are two-in-one pieces that help you utilize all of the space you can. Lastly, if you’re feeling creative, try some DIY projects.

Something as simple as modifying a cabinet to fit a garbage bin or hanging pegboard could make a substantial difference. 

If you liked these tips and want to learn more, check out our blog.

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Top 7 Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment for the First Time

More people are renting now than have been in the last 50 years, and it’s no wonder why. Renting is much cheaper than buying a home and it offers a convenient lifestyle. When you rent, you don’t have to deal with all of the home and yard upkeep that comes with a house, saving you time and even more money.

If you’re interested in renting an apartment for the first time, read on for 6 things to know before renting an apartment.

1. Location Is Huge

Location is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a place to live. Not only do you want to be safe, but you want to be close to everything you need. In general, you’ll probably want to live near stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

If you don’t have a car, then location is even more important as you’ll want your apartment to be walking or bicycling distance from the places you frequent, or at least near a bus line.

2. Think About Apartment Size

Before you start touring apartments, you’ll also want to decide on the size of the apartment you’re looking for. In general, the more rooms a unit has the more expensive it is. They can end up being cheaper, however, if you choose to have roommates that you split the cost with.

If you do live alone, studio units are the cheapest, but only work if you’re okay with having very little space. One-bedroom units are standard, but you may want an extra room if you need an office or a place for guests.

Ultimately, this will come down to your budget and needs.

3. Don’t Forget to Check the Amenities

One of the best parts of renting an apartment over a home is the amenities and features they come with. Before you rent, be sure to compare the different amenities offered by varying apartment communities.

There are amenities that you may consider more mandatory, like having a washer and dryer. Then there are those that are just nice to have, like a gym or covered parking.

4. Get Renters Insurance

Even if you don’t own the place, renters insurance is cheap and worth it. In fact, the average cost of renters insurance is only $180 a year. It protects your belongings from fire, natural causes, and even theft.

5. Know All of the Fees

One of the biggest things to know when renting an apartment is that you won’t just be paying the rent. When first leasing a place, you’ll want to find out how much the security deposit, downpayment, and any other fees are.

You may also be responsible for the monthly cost of WiFi and utilities if they’re not included.

6. You Will Want to Prepare to Apply

If it’s your first time leasing an apartment, the best course of action is to prepare the documents you’ll need to apply in advance. Leasing offices usually want proof that you’re responsible enough to pay rent and won’t damage the property. As a result, they’ll want to see items like your paystubs, credit score, and employment references.

Keep in Mind These Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment for the first time can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. As long as you keep in mind these 6 things to know before renting an apartment, you’ll find a place you love in no time.

If you’re looking for a place now, be sure to check out our affordable apartment plans.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Downtown Fort Wayne This Fall

Check this out: there are almost 265,000 residents living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, if you are on the hunt for downtown Fort Wayne attractions, you’re probably not alone.

Don’t know how to find the best downtown Fort Wayne events?

If you live in Fort Wayne Indiana, discover the top five things to do in Downtown Fort Wayne this fall. When it comes to the downtown district, these local attractions are perfect for anyone new to the area!

1. Eat Meals Outdoors

Looking for family-friendly activities in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

If you live in the Fort Wayne area, chances are that there is an amazing local restaurant to eat at right around the corner. Plus, grabbing a bite with family or friends is the perfect way to spend quality time together.

Some of our favorite restaurants include: 

And so much more…

2. Hit Up Hiking Trails

Celebrated for its many trails and hikes, there’s nothing better than checking out the great outdoors in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Whether you explore Allen County or ride around downtown, getting on a bike to hit the trails is the best way to do it.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can always rent a pair of wheels at Fort Wayne Outfitters. Take it up a notch by giving the local mountain bike trails a shot as well.

3. Check Out the River

Known for its riverfront Promenade Park, there are a whopping three rivers located in downtown Fort Wayne. Once there, feel free to have fun in the sun on standup paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks during the warmer months. Otherwise, party boats are another great way to get out on the water and dance to your own music with local food and drinks.

4. Soak in the Art

You might be happily surprised by how many public murals and art displays that are located around Fort Wayne, Indiana. Besides its many statues, there are also sculptures to check out around downtown too. To get started, be sure to download a map of public art murals and sculptures around town from the local tourism resource Visit Fort Wayne first. 

5. Listen to Music Outdoors

Everyone knows that there’s nothing better than live music, but there’s something about checking out a local concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which sets this special town apart from the rest. Some socially distant music spots to take a look at include:

  • The Club Room at the Clyde
  • The Crescendo Café
  • Two EE’s
  • Country Heritage

The best part is that there are frequent live music events on almost every day the week. To get into the Fort Wayne feel, listen to the regional Spotify playlist offered by the Visit Fort Wayne tourism commission. 

Visit Downtown Fort Wayne Today

Not sure what to do in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Luckily for you, we are here to help you out.

If you need to learn more about the area, feel free to contact our team of experts today!

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3 Benefits of Renting an Apartment You Probably Never Thought About

Are you thinking about making your next move? COVID or not, the data shows plenty of Americans are moving. 

One of the biggest questions people face is whether or not now is the right time to rent our buy. Before homeownership was seen as the path the wealth and stability, but thanks to a fluctuating market some people are wondering if it’s worth investing in something else. 

The benefits of renting can’t be ignored if you’re thinking about moving. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should buy or rent, read this post about the benefits of renting an apartment or home before you make your decision. 

1. Worry-Free Repairs 

Homes and apartments are in a constant state of needing maintenance. Appliances can break, pipes can leak, and holes in the wall need to be patched. 

If you own a home you’re on the hook for everything related to repairs including roofs, furnaces, and windows. Aside from having to find an expert you can trust to handle the job, you’ll also have to worry about the cost of the repairs and arranging when work can be done.

When you rent an apartment, all of those headaches are handled for you with ease. You never have to worry about where you’ll get the money to pay for the repair because your apartment community will take care of it for you. Onsite maintenance crews are available to take care of any problem that may arise in your apartment with no out-of-pocket cost to you!

2. Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits and downsides of owning a home comes down to mobility. Buying a home lets you plant some roots and focus on growing a family and life in one area. The downside of that is being stuck trying to sell your home if things change.

You could find the love of your life across the country. There may be a dream job opportunity that could require that you move out of state. Your great aunt or other family members may need someone to care for them in old age. Life can happen at any time and being tied to a mortgage can make it more difficult to deal with changes.

The beauty of renting is that you can pick up and leave at almost any time. Even the most expensive early termination of lease costs aren’t anywhere close to the financial headache of trying to sell a home. 

3. Fewer Long-Term Worries 

Does the thought of the property you’re living in losing its value keep you up at night? Are you concerned about how upcoming elections could raise your taxes? Do you worry about the neighborhood overall losing its value?

If you were a homeowner you’d probably answer yes to all of those questions. Luckily, most renters will never have to worry about those issues. 

Remember, homeownership is seen as an investment. That means constantly worrying about its value and what you can do to add to it. When you’re a renter your only concern is making your monthly rent payments. 

Discover the Benefits of Renting 

There are some people that find homeownership appealing, but the benefits of renting can’t be denied. When you have unparalleled flexibility, the privilege to not worry about repairs, and less to worry about in the long term there are so many reasons to rent instead of own. 

Are you ready to enjoy the carefree life of a renter? Whether you want to know about Fort Wayne or are ready to put down a deposit on a unit today, we’re ready to help. Be sure to contact us with any questions or needs you may have. 

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Time to Get Spooky: Best Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Apartment

With spooky movies, tricks, and treats galore, Halloween makes for an exciting time of year. While this Halloween may look a little different due to Covid-19 restrictions, you don’t have to miss out on the fun.

One of the best ways to get in the mood this year is to decorate your apartment. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can celebrate the season without the spooky prices. 

Read on for the top tips and advice for how to deck out your apartment on a budget this Halloween season. 

1. Hanging Cobwebs

With October in full swing, the ghosts, goblins, and spooky spiders are out to play. To get that Halloween vibe in your apartment, hanging cobwebs make for beautiful, eerie decorations. 

While hanging cobwebs are easy to find at your local Halloween store, they’re also cheap and often come in large amounts. You may consider searching at your nearest dollar store, party supply shop, or Spirit Halloween for these decorations. Anywhere with costumes and party supplies should have plenty to choose from. 

Hanging cobweb decorations are often no more than a few dollars and can come in yards of supply. Drape your cobwebs above the door frames, in the window sills, and on picture frames for an authentic Halloweentown feel.

2. DIY Bats and Spiders

When decorating your apartment, DIY projects can make for the most unique and stunning decor. As a perfect companion to your cobwebs, DIY bats and spiders are some of the most fun Halloween decorations. All you’ll need for these decorations is black construction paper, scissors, and tape or tacks to hang them on the wall. 

On your black construction paper, use a pencil to sketch out small to medium sizes of spiders and bats. You can find many templates online to print out and copy. After you’ve sketched your creepy critters, cut them out with scissors and tape or tack them to your wall. 

These DIY bats and spiders look best spread out across a wall or near windows. Not only do these decorations look professional, but they also come at little to no cost.

3. Festive Lighting

To create a haunting vibe in your apartment without breaking the bank, using festive lighting can do the trick. With string lights, colorful bulbs, or jack-o-lantern candles, your space can be haunting and beautiful. 

For a few dollars, hanging string lights are one of the top Halloween decorations for apartments. Consider draping string lights from the ceiling, around a window, or above your bed. 

You may also change out your light bulbs for temporary festive color. With many different colors for festive light bulbs, you may consider choosing orange, green, purple, or even black. 

Finally, jack-o-lantern candles are spooky and beautiful ways to set the mood in your apartment. These unique candles are a Halloween staple and can cost no more than a few dollars. 

Celebrate With Cheap Halloween Decorations This Season

While you may be confined to your apartment this season, decorating can bring all the Halloween fun to you. With these cheap Halloween decorations, you can get your creep on without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking to move into an apartment in the Fort Wayne area, contact us to set up a tour of your new home today. 

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Prevent the Spread of COVID-19: Tips for Social Distancing in Community Apartments

COVID-19 has dictated many aspects of our personal lives and changed our daily routines. Social distancing efforts are one of the best ways to help prevent the spread and flatten the curve. In apartment communities, it’s not always clear how to uphold the practice. 

Here are some key ways to maintain social distancing protocols in your community. 

Be Careful in Common Areas 

Certain common areas can be hotspots for spreading viruses. If you plan to utilize the apartment community resources such as on-site laundry rooms, lobbies, and other high-traffic areas, be sure you’re wearing your mask. 

Everyone should maintain a distance of six feet even when you’re doing activities outside such as walking your dog or checking the mail. While transmission of the virus is not as common in the outdoors, you should still socially distance. It is common courtesy to wear a mask whenever you enter public areas. 

Limit Your Use of Apartment Facilities 

If your apartment building has a communal laundry room, you should do your best to stay away from others while washing your clothes. Arrive when it is least likely to be crowded and return to your apartment when you begin your wash and dry cycles.

Scientists aren’t certain exactly how long coronavirus can live on a surface and remain infectious. The general consensus is that COVID-19 can live on metal for 5 days, wood for 4 days, and plastics for 2 to 3 days. It could stay in the air for a few hours.

If you are worried about coming in contact with the virus via commonly touches surfaces, you can bring your own approved face mask and disinfectants. Also, be sure to wash your hands before and after coming in contact with public items.

Communicate With Your Friends and Neighbors (From a Distance) 

Social distancing has made everyone feel a little lonely. It’s only natural to want to get together with a group of friends. It can’t hurt, right? Well, it can. In fact, social gatherings, even if they are small, can cause multiple people to become infected. If you meet up with groups of people and don’t take the proper precautions such as wearing masks or meeting outside, you are increasing everyone’s risk of illness. 

Many community events are being canceled or rescheduled, but that doesn’t mean you have to withdraw from everyone. You can still connect with your friends and neighbors safely from a distance.

You should also make it a habit to check in on your friends online. By keeping up with your neighbors and friends through video calls or social media.

This Is How to Socially Distance in Community Apartments 

Social distancing should be everyone’s top priority to help flatten the curve and eliminate cases of COVID-19. To properly socially distance in community apartments, maintain a distance of six feet from others, limit your time in common areas, and interact with your neighbors online rather than in person. 

If you have any questions about what we are doing to prevent the spread in our Fort Wayne, IN apartments, contact us here

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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low During Fort Wayne’s Hot Summer: 4 Ways to Cool Off

These Fort Wayne summers can get unbearably hot.

With temperatures regularly in the mid-80s and 90s the past month, it’s become a full-time job trying to stay cool. Air conditioning helps, but running your a/c at a lower temperature all day can really affect your electricity bill.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to keep your electric bill low without heating up your apartment. Being comfortable is great, but so is saving money and if you want to have your cake and eat it too, then check out these tips to help you stay cool while keeping your electricity bill low. 

1. Blackout Blinds or Curtains

One of the reasons apartments and houses get so hot is because of our desire for as many windows as possible. They’re great during the winter, but that same sunlight is heating your place up and causing your AC unit to work harder in the summer.

When you’re wondering how to keep your electric bill low in an apartment, the first thing you can do is get some blackout blinds or curtains.

As you leave for work in the morning, pull down the blackout blinds or close the blackout curtains so the sunlight (and heat) won’t get in and you won’t come home to a scorching hot apartment.

2. Keep the Windows Open at Night

If you want to avoid using your air conditioner, you can try keeping your windows open in the evening to cool down your house. So many people just resort to turning the A/C on 24/7, but you can save a lot of money by simply opening your windows once the sun goes down and the weather cools.

A lot of people have differing opinions on whether it’s better to keep your windows open or closed when it’s hot, but it’s quite simple. If the outside temperature is cooler than your apartment, then open them.

3. Cooking in Moderation

When you’re already dealing with the summer heat’s effects on your apartment, throwing a hot oven or stove into the equation is only going to make matters worse.

Obviously, this is a lifestyle decision, but making a concerted effort to reduce the number of meals that require the oven will lower your electricity bill on multiple levels.

Instead, opt for no-cook meals that leave you feeling cooler like salads, buddha bowls, deli sandwiches, and cold soups.

4. Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans

If you’ve got ceiling fans in your apartment or house, then use them.

Most people neglect their ceiling fans because they don’t get the instant gratification that a normal fan or an AC unit provides. However, keeping your ceiling fans running is going to help circulate the air more effectively throughout the house and keep it cooler in the heat.

Now You Know How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low

Learning how to keep your electric bill low in the high temperatures isn’t easy, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to stay cool.

At Poplar Ridge Apartments, we take our tenants’ comfort very seriously, which is why we have central air in all of our units, in addition to countless other amazing amenities.

Visit our page today to download an application and learn more about what living at Poplar Ridge means for you.

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